The gaming YouTube channel Noclip gives insights behind the scenes of various development studios and lets the designers employed there talk about the individual decisions that led to the elements in the game world. In 2017 the CD Projekt Reds series was dedicated The Witcher 3, where environment designer Len de Gracia also had a say. She told a funny anecdote after which she and her colleagues were so enthusiastic about how skilfully Geralt von Rivia slides down different slopes that they unceremoniously gave him ski goggles and strapped a snowboard to his feet. The comment and the amusing result can be seen in the video from 16:32.

The idea, of course, only arose out of fun and was never seriously considered as a gameplay element. Nevertheless, she inspired modder Feregorn to actually add a usable snowboard to the game world of The Witcher 3 (buy now € 23.11 /€ 29.99 ) to implement. Feregorn is now sharing the fruits of modding work with the rest of the world via the Nexusmods hub page. A trailer for his work is also making the rounds on YouTube. In it, Geralt finds the "witch's board" with matching glasses at a shrine in Skellige that is obviously dedicated to the homage to the sports equipment and drives it down the slope without hesitation.

He also takes part in a horse race with it and uses it as a club in the fight against highwaymen. Of course, we don't want to withhold the four-minute clip from you. You can find it in this article. The mod stands here ready for download.
Source: Nexus mods

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