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Since October 2018, the role-playing game The Witcher 3 has been able to raise a considerable amount. As CD Projekt announced, it was just over $ 50 million. In the meantime, the developer even receives 80 percent of the income – previously the proportion was lower.

Although the role-playing game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been around for a few years, it continues to generate considerable revenue for the developers. As CD Projekt RED recently announced via Twitter, the sale of the RPG on Steam has brought in a little more than $ 50 million since October 2018.

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In itself, that is a perfectly acceptable sum. At the same time, reaching this sales mark means that CD Projekt RED now accounts for 80 percent of The Witcher 3's revenue (buy now for € 129.99) on Steam, while Valve only retains 20 percent. Previously, the developer share was lower: with sales of between ten and 50 million dollars, it is 75 percent, including only 70 percent. Incidentally, CD Projekt RED did not reveal any current information on sales of the console version of The Witcher 3.

Source: Twitter

The Witcher 3: Complete Edition is released for the Switch

Read too The Witcher 3: Geralt and Shani "src =" https://www.gamesaktuell.de/screenshots/237x133/2015/09/Witcher3_HoS_Preview_PCG_013-pc-games_b2teaser_169.jpgPCNSWPS4XBO

The Witcher 3: Cross-save not planned for PS4 or Xbox One

According to a spokesman for CD Projekt Red, The Witcher 3 will not get a cross-save function for PS4 or Xbox One. The new update 3.6 for the switch version of The Witcher 3 offers a cross-save function. "Src =" https://www.gamesaktuell.de/screenshots/237x133/2015/05/The_Witcher_3_Final_v1.02_Downsampling_und_Reshade27-pcgh_b2teaser_169.jpgPCNSWPS4XBO

The Witcher 3: Switch update 3.6 with cross-save function is here

The developers have actually released Update 3.6 for the switch version of The Witcher 3. The switch update 3.6 from The Witcher is said to be just before the release. "Src =" https://www.gamesaktuell.de/screenshots/237x133/2015/09/The_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt_Hearts_of_Stone_I_m_sure_the_lumps_nothing_Geralt_but_I_d_rather_nytp.pngPCNSWPS4XBO

The Witcher 3: Switch update with new graphics options and cross save

Apparently, the release of the new Update 3.6 for the switch version of The Witcher is imminent.

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