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Apparently the actor was found who will play in the second season of the Netflix series The Witcher Vesemir. Some fans should be happy about it.

How got this covered is said to have learned from a very reliable source that actor Mark Hamill appeared in the second season of the Netflix series The Witcher to assume the role of Vesemir.

More sorcerers appear

It's not entirely clear whether Hamill really agreed, but Netflix is ​​said to have offered the role, according to an official production document for the series. Since Mark Hamill previously expressed interest and said that Vesemir – even if he doesn't know who it is – should definitely be played by him, he should probably accept an offer.

Meanwhile, it was announced that two more witches will appear in The Witcher's second season. This includes Lambert, who is played by Paul Bullion (Oscar's Bell). Also there is Coen, who Yasen Atour (Ben Hur) embodies. In addition to witcher Lambert, Coen played a key role in the training of Ciri after she was brought to Kaer Morhen. So it seems like we're seeing Ciri's training, which should explain Vesemir's appearance.

Shooting for the second season of The Witcher is said to start later this month. We won't see the new episodes until 2021.

Source: VG247 / PCGamesN

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