In one Interview about the WitcherCon Henry Cavill explained that Geralt’s voice, which we were allowed to hear in the first season of the Witcher series, was not planned that way. Instead, it was more of a coincidence that happened during the filming of an early scene.

The Witcher star didn’t want to use a harsh voice for Geralt. In fact, during the audition for the role, he was told to use his normal voice. After Cavill got the role, he initially did so too.

After a Christmas break, Cavill and the film crew returned to the set and while filming a scene the actor “accidentally” gave his voice a rough touch. Cavill himself didn’t notice until the scene was shot to an end. The actor liked the voice, however, because it “got some things across better in dialogue.”

However, Cavill was concerned about using this gruff voice on the show, even after the Creators and Producers agreed that this voice was a better option. The rough voice is “clearly inspired” by Doug Cockle’s work as the voice of Geralt in the Witcher games:

“I don’t want people to think that I am plagiarizing the great work of another professional. However, I listened to the voices and thought, ‘In fact, they are different enough.'”

After he was happy with the voice and the producers agreed that it sounded better, some old scenes were re-recorded.

The second season of the Witcher series on Netflix will be released this December. For those who love both the show and the games, there is also good news: CD Projekt Red announced that the Next-gen version of The Witcher 3 will include new free DLC based on the Netflix series. The new version will be published later this year.

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