"The Witcher is unrealistic because women can't fight swords," says a screenwriter

"Not a single woman can fight swords," criticizes Andrew Klavan, a writer, screenwriter, and respected critic in the United States. Uhm, no?

Since late December (so to speak since Christmas), The Witcher has been wandering around on Netflix, killing gruesome monsters and guessing what the time of each episode is. Fun! Of course, not everyone likes to get warm with the series, which is perfectly fine without question. There are several reasons that could speak against The Witcher – but that the series unrealistic is one of the more absurd.

But that's exactly what American critic Andrew Klavlan claims in his podcast The Andrew Klavlan Show, The series is particularly unrealistic because women can fight swords here, which in his eyes would not be possible:

"I'm scalped on Twitter for what I said, and it was absolutely right. Everyone shouts, 'Oh no, women can fight in a medieval fight!', But they would all be dead in two seconds. Any woman who would try would be dead in two seconds. Except for one or two exceptions, I admit that there could be exceptions. "

He continues to say that this kind of Feminism "doesn't make sense" would. His more than strange statement led to a kind of cascade of critical tweets on Twitter, referring not only to today's swordswomen, but also to women in history, who could very well handle the sword:

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The Witcher is unrealistic? Moron.

Where to start In addition to the blatantly sexist undertone in statements such as'No woman can fight with the sword'- and a lot of evidence against it – the question remains, like Klavlan The Witcher of all places as unrealistic can designate. Aren't sorceresses, dragons and mutant witchers enough for women in this universe to at least draw their swords? Apart from the evidence against his statement, fictional worlds are not tied to historical facts anyway: self if not a single woman in our society would ever have picked up a sword, The Witcher would have been allowed to portray women differently.

Kavlan himself does not react insightfully to the criticismbut insists that women would not have had the slightest chance in a medieval fight:

"No matter how angry people get on Twitter, Still, women would be killed in a medieval sword fight!"

Unfortunately, the topic remains current outside of The Witcher, for example in view of the Women's debate in the shooter Escape From Tarkov,

How about a look into The Witcher universe? We take you by the hand:

It is, without question, sad that even in 2020 we still have to discuss whether and how women could be better, stronger or smarter than men. Let us hope that at least in this decade we can reasonably conclude with the topic.