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Lauren S. Hissrich spoke a little about the upcoming second season of The Witcher series. Fans can expect a much more linear experience than in Season 1.

After the end of the first season of the Netflix series The WitcheThe fans are eagerly awaiting what will happen next. Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has now commented on this.

Caution! Spoilers follow here!

The narrative structure of the first season of The Witcher was confusing for some. Because the series played on several time levels, which only emerged at the end. That should no longer be the case in Season 2, as show runner Lauren S. Hissrich explained. You now know the characters' backstory and have merged them. Now the story can run in a much more linear fashion. However, we probably still get to see a flashback or two, such as how Geralt became a witcher.

In addition, we should experience how some of the characters grow up – including the bard delphinium. However, it is difficult to show the progress in time when the characters always look the same. Here you want to take a different approach. The authors also introduce new, interesting, and fun characters to Season 2, and there's more of the Witcher backstory to see, which may be an indication that we're meeting more Witches. For example, fans would like Vesemir to perform. It is not yet clear whether it will be played by Mark Hamill. Another option would be Mads Mikkelsen as he is the brother of Lars Mikkelsen, the actor of the magician Stregobor. Maybe his brother puts in a good word for him and we get to see Mads Mikkelsen in the series.

When the second season of The Witcher starts on Netflix is ​​not yet known.

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