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When it comes to show runner Lauren S. Hissrich, the Netflix series has a very long future ahead of it. In a recent interview, she recently said that she certainly has enough stuff in her head for up to 20 seasons. It remains to be seen whether this will ultimately happen.

The new series The Witcher has been on the streaming provider Netflix for a few days now. Even if opinions sometimes differ, a second season has already been ordered and is therefore firmly planned. The show runner in charge, Lauren S. Hissrich, had recently even spoken of personal planning for up to seven seasons. If it were up to her, there could be a lot more episodes of the series. This emerges from a recent interview with The Collider magazine.

"I'm sure at one point I said that I could write a total of seven seasons. But I'm also sure that I could even write up to 20 seasons. I'll write for this series as long as it makes sense for the show. That means drawing organically from the books and letting the story flow. But it also means ending the story when it has to end. "

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Accordingly, Lauren S. Hissrich has a great deal of trust in the series from The Witcher and numerous ideas in her head. However, it seems to be very clear that it can end at any time or must end at some point. At least at the moment, however, this is not in sight.

Source: The Collider

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