The World First race in WoW (buy now for € 19.99) is gaining in popularity and is becoming more and more commercial. The local hero Method, who has won most of the World First Kills in recent years, has been fighting head-to-head with the American guild Limit since Battle for Azeroth. Both of them are now streaming their progress around the clock in a livestream, so that viewers can always follow the World First Race live. We review the race and show the reasons why the US guild Limit was able to bring World First success back to North America after a long time.

Method stayed again in Germany (Krefeld) in the TaKeTV halls and broadcasted its own progress around the clock, but sometimes switched to the streams of Alpha, Ji Tian Hong, Aversion, Club Camel, Fused, Vodka, Ethical and imperatives. During Method's breaks, spectators mostly had to stare at the break graphics. And there were some breaks. It looked quite different with Limit.

WoW: Summary of the World First Race - How Method was dethroned (2)

WoW: Summary of the World First Race – How Method was dethroned (2)


They also organized a 24-hour stream and this time, in cooperation with the Esports organization Complexity, did not settle in London, but in their home in Texas. During the breaks, the raid, the fighting itself, the class combinations and more were analyzed by the Caster team. Limit was also the only guild where you could listen to the voice chat.

In Uldir, the US guild made the mistake of starting a new Mythic Raid ID in the second week and therefore suffered a significant defeat. In the Eternal Palace they had to give up Method very narrowly and in Ny'alotha they were now keen to finally defeat Method.

Day 1 – time to loot the fruit

In contrast to the Eternal Palace, the first mythical bosses in Ny'alotha were not fruit, but there was no violent roadblock like Lady Ashvane. The American guilds started as always, but the significant lead in the World First Race was reduced by a few hours due to extended maintenance work – good conditions for Method.

Midwinter was able to secure the World First Kill via Furorion just a few minutes before the limit. The two US guilds also had a tight race at Skitra, but Limit won the first victory over Skitra.

After the first two bosses in Ny'aloatha you have the choice of four different bosses, which you can tackle next. Midwinter went straight to Ma'ut and quickly got this World First Kill, Limit was the first guild to become the demon dog boss Shad'har and was able to conquer him in no time. The guilds Blood Legion, Fused, Intern and Imperative were also involved in the first bosses. Unlike most guilds in the World First race, the US guild Big Dumb Guild dared to be the "soccer boss" Xanesh and was the first team to be able to use it often enough.

As the day progresses, the chaff separates from the wheat and swarm awareness becomes the first small problem for some of the top guilds. But not for Limit, who after Sha'dar and the Beetle Boss also secure the World First Kill via Vexiona and are thus defeated bosses in 7/12 in the mythical mode of Ny'aotha. At the end of the first day, the tentative attempts at the corrupted Titan guard, Ra-den, show that this could be the first real challenge in the World First race.

Day 2 – The start for Europe

As usual, Method woke up clearly behind the US guilds and had to slowly approach the seven defeated bosses. In contrast to the US guilds, there was no increased waiting time for the EU servers. With seven bosses to play and the first road block called Ra-den, the EU guild didn't panic. Even on the first day, you took some time to fine-tune your raid start and lost the first three World First Kills to the Gilde Pieces. Attentive spectators of the World First race will have noticed that Pieces secured the World First Kill in the crucible of the storms and also ended up in the top 5 in the raids. At the end of the day they even caught up to limit and also wrestled Vexiona. The bosses did not survive long in Europe.

WoW: Summary of the World First Race - How Method was dethroned (4)

WoW: Summary of the World First Race – How Method was dethroned (4)

Source: Blizzard

The number of wipes for pieces: Furorion: 0, Ma'ut: 0, Skitra: 0, Swarm Consciousness: 4, Shadhar: 4, Xanesh: 20, Vexiona: 11. In comparison Method: Furorion: 1, Ma'ut: 4 , Skitra: 0, crush consciousness: 7, Shadhar: 10, Xanesh: 38. The boys from Method have to practice football a little bit, because Xanesh has by far the most time. By the time Vexiona went down, it was almost 8:30 p.m. Meanwhile, Limit was on his feet again and showed the first promising attempts at Raden and brought him to 15 percent early in the day. Method was also drawn to the wheel after defeating Vexiona.

The German guild aversion was also doing well and defeated Xanesh as the fifth guild worldwide shortly after the method kill via Vexiona. While the raid day for Method was slowly coming to an end, Limit snatched the world first kill over wheels. At around 10:30 p.m. Aversion caught up with Pieces and Method by defeating Vexiona. While it was slowly getting back to bed for Method, Limit kept going and, less than three hours after the Ra-den-Kill, defeated the tentacle boss Drest'agath. So there is only Il'gynoth and the shell of N'zoth between Limit and N'Zoth. However, Method can relax because Il'gynoth added another – previously unknown – ability shortly before the raid was released and the penultimate boss was expected to live a few days longer than the rest.

The Ra-den exploit drama

WoW: Summary of the World First Race - How Method was dethroned (3)

WoW: Summary of the World First Race – How Method was dethroned (3)

Source: Blizzard

When trying on Ra-den a lot of limit very early on that the boss respawned relatively quickly. Too fast, as it turned out later. Since Ra-den was the first crisp DpS check, they used this to their advantage to reset the boss several times and, for example, to start with the demon hunter's metamorphosis or to have destructive warlocks inflict additional damage on their hell beasts. Pieces and Method also use this "trick". However, this was not really considered a criminal exploit. The respawn time and life points of Ra-den have been adjusted in the next ID.

Day 3 – It will be later for Method

After the first day, Method was able to go as far as Limit on her first evening of raid and already brought the bike to 17 percent. The interim conclusion so far: Complexity Limit leads with 9/12, followed by four EU guilds with 7/12, another four guilds with 6/12, six with 5/12 and eight guilds with 4/12. For the non-pro guilds, the bosses to Ma'ut, Skitra and Xanesh are a real challenge. However, the Asian servers are only now starting up. The first kills are recorded by the guilds of Chao Jie, KeaHoard, JiTianHong, Alpha and Skyline. Alpha clearly sets itself apart during the day and can directly record six kills. Despite a delayed start of two days, they are in 10th place worldwide. JiTianHong and Skyline follow just behind.

Now was the time when Method could have caught up for the first time. Destragath, however, caused the European title contender more problems than was perhaps necessary. Limit only needed 16 pulls for Destragath, with Method there were 50 pulls and thus about five hours more progress on this boss. Method desperately wanted to know and went on raiding hours until 1:30 a.m. to go to bed feeling good that they had defeated Drest'agath, which they did, while Limit was last at Il'gynoth Phase and was able to record the best attempt at 20 percent.

Day 4 – Method pulls himself together

After the night shift from the previous day, Method went on almost the same day the next day. While Limit reached Phase 3 and 60 percent of N'Zoth's tank that day, the first attempts at Il'gynoth had to be made. In contrast to Drest'agath, that worked quite well. Already after 61 pulls you are about as far as limit after over 100 pulls. After an attempt where Il'gynoth had less than one percent of his total life, this time no night vision helped to force the kill.

Pieces has also finished Drest'agath. Later that evening the German guild aversion joined the top 4 in the world again. The best pull from Limit to N'Zoth's tank is 25.5 percent that day. So there is still hope for Method, as phase 3 of the N'Zoth tank looks like it can't be done at the moment. This is primarily due to the fact that Limit has now encountered a serious bug that pulls them out of too much mental health and thus makes the fight impossible.

Day 5 – split day

After Limit tweeted to the developers, they were quickly at work and quickly fixed the error, which brought Limit victory over the N'Zoth tank at the end of the day. However, this was followed by the next mistake. With about two hours more raid time, the rest of the evening was spent with splitraids, because N'Zoth simply didn't want to spawn. Method also decided to do so, since they were scarce the previous day, but still failed due to the enrage timer and needed more equipment for the classes with immunity effects required in this fight.

The early evening shows what a little more equipment can do. After 77 pulls and the 4th pull of the day, Method has now also handled the third to last boss. Aversion and Pieces will venture to Il'gynoth for the first time that day. Method may also have prepared well for the N'Zoth tank through the progress of Limit and will bring the penultimate boss to 36 percent late in the evening and thus into the last phase!

Day 6 – time for N'Zoth

After just 38 pulls, Method's N'zoth tanks seemingly beat at record speed. Limit had to deal with some bugs and needed 68 pulls. However, the time spent is well balanced for both teams, as Method takes longer breaks more often. The two favorites have now clearly separated because guilds like Pieces, Big Dumb Guild and Aversion despair of Il'gynoth. Behind them are FatSharkYes and the top Russian guild Exorsus. All of these guilds will discontinue daily raiding in the upcoming ID and return to semi-agile normal schedules. Only Limit and Method raid twelve or more hours a day.

At about the same time, Limit N'Zoth has already reached just under 70 percent and is coming out of the secret phase for the first time, which only exists in mythical mode. The bug that occurs in one of the following attempts is new even to WoW.

"What actually happens if you ignore the secret phase and just keep beating the boss?" Limit thought and did so. Nothing happened until N'Zoth reached 25 percent and disappeared. Blizzard had noticed how quickly Limit hit the life points, which of course was not intended. Therefore, the developers simply let the boss disappear for the entire region of North America until it was no longer possible to bypass the secret phase and N'Zoth received his protective shield as intended.

World First Race: Blizzard explains Limit after more than 200 trys how N'Zoth works

The progress for limit initially stalled. Time for split raids and method time to catch up in the N'Zoth progress. Around 6:00 p.m. Limit plunged back into the attempts against N'Zoth and after about four hours was able to make up 15 percent of their best attempt to date. At the end of the day, after about 13 minutes of boss fighting, N'Zoth stands at 50 percent life points. Method has to get that far, but it can happen that N'Zoth survives the ID reset because the boss has to bite the grass after about 13 minutes. Around 11 p.m. of our time, Pieces surprisingly joined the fight against N'Zoth.

Day 7 – New ID for North America

Day 7 for America and Day 6 for Method. One day before the ID reset for Europe, they try to get as far as possible in the fight against N'Zoth. After an acceptable number of attempts, they come out of the secret phase and bring N'Zoth to 66 percent.

Meanwhile, Limit is on his feet again and has decided to start the ID again from the beginning in order to bring more mythical loot into the raid. Unlike in Uldir, this tactic will not be fatal this time. In just four hours with a total of 20 wipes, the US guild is back in front of N'Zoth. The progress is rather slow even with the new equipment. They can subtract ten percent from the 50 percent, but it is assumed that they must bring the boss to 25 percent life points in the same period.

On the same day, however, Blizzard announced the Nerf for some strong corruption effects. The nerfs should be active in the next 24 hours. Depending on how these nerfs would turn out, this would have a devastating effect on the progression of the Mythical Guilds.

Day 8 – ID reset for EU and confusion around 25 percent phase

The day before, Limit kept coming to 30 percent and in the best attempt, N'Zoth only had 25.5 percent life points before all group members were mind-controlled. Now it was Method's time. They also started a new Mythical ID and came back to N'Zoth very quickly. After they saw how the subsequent attempts at Limit went, the focus was again on the heroic splits.

After Limit kept aiming for 25, the boss finally went into his 25 percent phase and became immune. Nobody knew what then happened. This is not uncommon for mythical bosses at this stage. However, Blizzard didn't seem to know what the boss should do at this stage. Limit assumed that he would have to go back to the secret mythical phase. The portal for this could also be clicked, but the only player who made it into the phase alive saw only an empty room in front of them. It was apparently not the tactic to re-enter the secret phase, but the boss was immune.

So what should happen? Angry and frustrated, the raid line from Limit to Blizzard corrected itself, which then had to fix another bug in the fight against N'Zoth. However, the sign from 25 percent should not appear at all. After the bugs were fixed, Limit was able to bring N'Zoth to 10 percent with a new strategy.

Day 9/10 – Corruption nerfs postponed

Probably because of the World First Race, Blizzard postponed the corruption effects adjustments to the next ID. The limit played more or less in the cards, which had already changed their raid squad so that the classes that benefited most from the reverberating emptiness and Co. were replaced. So Limit was still close to the kill. Unfortunately, those who expected a heartbeat final were disappointed. While Method kept going towards 30 percent and later a good 15 percent, Limit scratched the five percent to send N'Zoth on the boards after 270 pulls in the early afternoon of their time. Even if the will was a little broken the day after, Method went full throttle again and grabbed the World 2nd Kill at around 2:30 p.m. Pieces, FatSharkYes and Exorsus lined up behind.

What was the reason for Method's "defeat"?

Method has fetched the World First Kill seven times from the last ten tiers, two of which were relatively insignificant (Emerald Nightmare and Crucible of Storms). Limit played this animal brilliantly, but you still have to ask yourself what was wrong with Method. There can be several reasons. For one thing, the role of Limits Raidleider Max has a large share in the guild's success. Max almost changed from Il'gynoth to the role of coach. He monitored the raid from various perspectives and gave instructions. Scripe takes on the role of coach at Method, but he was still involved in the raid with his magician. After this animal, Method will have to consider whether Scripe will not slip into the role of the coach.

Other decisive points for the defeat in the World First Race were without question the long breaks, which are partly due to the organization outside the raid. This time Limit was professionally supported by Complexity, organized further Weak-Auras writers and entered into a partnership with the creator of Deadly Bossmods and the Gallywix community.

Method also has a team of WeakAuras writers outside the raid, but permanent raid members such as Nnoggie still had to leave the raid for several hours to help write the WeakAuren.

The material battle

With corruption effects on BoE items, the World First Race got closer to Pay to Win than ever before. So far, it has rarely been the case that you could buy one or more best-in-slot items in the auction house. Before the adjustments were made, the appropriate effects could decide whether a boss would win or lose. Limit was also better positioned here. If you had found a really good item, you could earn a lot of gold in the auction house. All auction houses in their region were constantly monitored by Method and Limit. Players could also negotiate the price in the respective Discord servers directly with the guilds, which then transferred to the server to pick up the item.

Most of the time Limit had the higher bid. Method reportedly spent just over 100 million gold on corrupted BoE items, while Limit took a whopping 260 million gold. Converted into WoW brands, this corresponds to around USD 40,000, some of which they will have to repay in gold to the Gallywix community over the next few months.

WoW: Furorion versus N'Zoth in Ny'alotha – Ingame-Cinematic

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