The World of Warcraft Story in 23 Minutes (Video)

from Sebastian Glanzer
You always wanted to know how in WoW we got from old gods through a fountain with too much power to save the world through our chosen death? If so, then we have the right video for you, which humorously tells the story of World of Warcraft in less than 30 minutes.

If you want to understand the complete history of World of Warcraft, you have to read through a dozen books and also follow the events on Azeroth in-game to understand all the connections. Getting there is not that easy.

Those who are fluent in English can also see the most important events in WoW history in the 23-minute video by Hidden Azeroth look at how we do in WoW (buy now for 14.54 €) came from the origin of the titans to a voluntary trip to the underworld to face death itself.

After more than 200 hours of working time, he uses his humorous and at the same time informative graphics to show you how the most important events on and around Azeroth took place.

But don't worry, story spoilers from Shadowlands are not waiting for you in the video. The story ends with the victory over N'Zoth and the destruction of the Crown of Dominance that leads us to the Shadowlands. But you have probably already noticed this voluntarily or involuntarily.

Hidden Azeroth talks pretty quickly in his video, luckily you can change the playback speed via the gear wheel at the bottom left in the YouTube settings.

We recommend the most famous WoW lore channel on Youtube to anyone who is attached to the lore of World of Wracraft after this video: Nobbel87. Here you will find not only more extensive summaries of the entire WoW story, but also several lore snippets that better explain the relationships between the characters in WoW.

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