There is a new Star Wars game to be announced in early June

Do you remember Star Wars: Maverick? Or also called the Maverick project, a Star Wars IP that is to be developed in addition to a successor to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at EA. Well, there is news about Maverick: some fairly credible leaks suggest that we will learn more about the game very soon.

Star Wars: Project Maverick

Have you ever heard of Jeff Grubbs Summer game mess belongs? No? Well, for clarification: Jeff Grubb is a video game journalist who is primarily for the magazine GamesBeat write – and you too Twitch entertained with various contents. He is one of those people who have been spinning their way in the game journalism network for years, and thus have also established various connections to developers, leaks and other "important" people.

On May 11, Jeff Grubb now has a kind on his Twitter channel Leak puzzle released: Various dates provide information about new announcements and eventsthat we just have to decipher to find out what's going to happen (but some are blatantly obvious). Take a look at it:

He was right about the Inside Xbox event on May 7th, as well as May 12th – there fans would have had to decipher the word "Birdman", which is Tony Hawk's nickname. Tada: On May 12th, remastered version of Tony Hawk “Pro Skater 1 and 2 were announced. Cracked!

So what does “Mel Gibson Picture” mean in connection with June 2? Is there a Mel Gibson game ?! Perhaps; but maybe Mel Gibson's film Maverick is meant, which is a hint at three corners and edges Star Wars: Maverick should give. There are more leaks, so the rumor mill is not quite as opaque in this case: Reddit user Gregthorntree has collected several Twitter posts from contact author Jason Schreier and Grubb, all of which indicate the same thing: there is a Star Wars game called Maverick; and it will be announced on June 2nd:

Here, for example, Schreier replies to a tweet from the developer studio EA Motive, which – you can read below – is supposed to be working on the new Star Wars IP. In my eyes, these are too many suggestions to be dismissed as a coincidence. The dates that were leaked by Grubb can of course still change – as he himself confirms.

So what is Star Wars: Maverick anyway? Developers EA Motive have already worked on Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and Maverick should also contain multiplayer components. According to the picture you can see above – the one with the star destroyer and the X-wings – would be one Space battle simulator possible that you can play online. But who knows – we'll probably know more on June 2nd.

Original message from March 5, 2:28 p.m.

New Star Wars game leaked on PlayStation Network

A Twitter bot that monitors new releases and updates on the PlayStation Network found the entry about the as yet unannounced Star Wars game. In addition to the name of the game, Project Maverick, there was an image to see:

Unfortunately, the Twitter bot's tweet has since been deleted.

The picture shows a lone star destroyer and a squadron of X-Wings. Ships and type are open Setting in the old trilogy shut down. However, the area looks very much like the planet Mustafa, known from Star Wars: Episode 3.

Loud Kotaku Electronic Arts, which holds the rights to all Star Wars games, is currently working on two games for the franchise. One of them is said to be a successor to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Respawn and a "smaller and rather unconventional project" at EA Motive. They have already worked at Battlefront 2 as co-developers and could be behind the Maverick project.

over ResetEra we still learn that the game is about no VR title act and it to give a multiplayer component.

Apart from name and existence, there is no reliable information yet. EA has not made any announcement yet.

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The reference to Top Gun and Tom Cruise also concerns some players on the forums. Maybe it's actually a game about pilots and space battles? What new Star Wars game would you like? Shout it in the comments.