There is also a swap goodie for Machollo Community Day

of Susanne Braun
The developers of Pokémon Go have added a feature to the upcoming Machollo Community Day on January 16, 2021, namely to increase the trading range of Pokémon. This is usually around 100 meters and will be increased to 40 kilometers for the weekend of Community Day in January 2021.

The developers of Pokémon Go have added an unexpected feature to the Machollo Community Day in January 2021 in Pokémon Go, which only the readers of the official blog post notice who take a closer look. Apart from the fact that, among other things, you can expect paid special research, that a lot of belligerent macho guys appear in the wild, macho guys learn a special exclusive attack and you get three times the amount of stardust when you catch Pokémon, there's another bonus.

From January 15, 2021 from 8:00 p.m. to January 18, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. the trading range of Pokémon has been increased to 40 kilometers. Usually you are only allowed to swap pocket monsters with trainers who are within 100 meters of you.

All information about Community Day in January 2021 in Pokémon Go can be found in our guide, in which we also cover the special research on Machollo, Fight your way up Machollo. By the way, you will not expect free limited research on Community Day, because the developers at Niantic only use it in most cases to acquire development items such as Sinnoh stones for Elektek, Magmar or, in February 2021, on Community Day, Roselia to bring among the players who do not have enough of it anyway.

Even if you don't want to take part in Community Day, the increased exchange range may help you. We wish you a lot of fun with your adventures in Pokémon Go.

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