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When Final Fantasy 16 was unexpectedly announced as part of the PlayStation 5 event, opinions were divided. While some are looking forward to the game unconditionally, others are disappointed with the graphics. The producer has commented on this.

Final Fantasy 16: Awakening


Final Fantasy 16: Fans criticize the graphics

There were rumors, but no one really expected an announcement of Final Fantasy 16. However, the surprise effect does not comfort many fans over the graphics shown in the trailer, which have been heavily criticized.

From some of the comments below the trailer it can be read that the fans expect more, some lack the identity that defines Final Fantasy. Additionally the graphics are more reminiscent of the PlayStation 4than the PlayStation 5 – there is still plenty of room for improvement.

You could pass the waiting time for Final Fantasy 16 with Final Fantasy 14 Online.

Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition (PC)

Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition (PC)

The trailer does not reflect the final product

During the Tokyo Game Show 2020, producer Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida commented on the trailer. He confirmed that the graphics were still being worked on. Thanks to a translation by Audrey on Twitter, we know the team wanted to populate the trailer with as many in-game scenes as possible and just wasn't able to take care of the fine-tuning. In the future, however more trailers will followwho then present the final product.

Nevertheless, the fans are already looking forward to the game and have full confidence in the work of Yoshi-P, as he has already proven his skills in games such as Final Fantasy 14 Online. When Final Fantasy 16 will be released is not yet known. We'll keep you up to date.

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