Therefore batteries are still required for the console controller

Have you already wondered why the makers of Microsoft still rely on batteries in the Xbox controller? Even the latest model, released with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, still requires two AA batteries in its normal version. Now the reason for not using a rechargeable battery could be known. Accordingly, Microsoft has closed a deal with manufacturer Duracell. In a statement from a speaker it says:

"There has always been this partnership between Duracell and Xbox. It is an ongoing agreement that exists between Duracell and Microsoft. As an original equipment manufacturer, the battery product for the Xbox console and the controller is supplied. This (deal) already works A while and will remain for some time. " – Luke Anderson / Duracell UK Marketing Manager

However, the two companies have not revealed how long the partnership will last. Microsoft has also commented on Duracell's statement. In their statement, those responsible point out that gamers have different options for using their Xbox controller. In addition to the batteries, there is the separately available battery solution, products from various partners and the wired version via the USB connection. While competitor Sony has been using battery-powered wireless controllers since the PlayStation 3 was launched, Microsoft has been offering the battery-powered solution since 2005 when the Xbox 360 was launched.

via MCV / UK

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