Ouch … that went completely wrong! These nerd tattoos should pay homage to their wearer's favorite games – but look more like a blunt insult.

Video game culture

Did your grandpa always say: "If you are good at something, get paid for it"? Some tattooists seem to have misunderstood this saying, at least some “masterpieces” deserve compensation rather than reward. Kratos and Mario in particular seem to be defaced relatively often.

In this series of pictures you can see how bad tattoos can look:

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Ouch, that went wrong: The 23 worst gaming tattoos

Of course there is another way of doing it. Many fans show with true lace tattoos that their love for video games – in the truest sense of the word – gets under your skin. But you'd better look for a real tattoo artist who masters his craft. Even if you have to spend a few more euros for it. After all, tattoos are a permanent embellishment that you won't get rid of anytime soon.

Johannes Repp
Johannes Repp, GIGA expert.

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