These apps will be available when the PlayStation 5 is released

Sony has released a list of the apps available for launch on PS5. In a current one Entry on the PlayStation blog the publisher presents the first programs – the apps should be available directly on launch day. The six apps Apple TV, Disney +, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube are available for the new console at the time of release. The company explains that the offer will be continuously expanded after the PS5 release. For example, an app for the video streaming service Amazon Prime has been confirmed.

With Spotify you still get the option to play your favorite songs as background music in the game on PS5. For the streaming service Twitch, the publisher promises a "firmly integrated experience on PS5". You can watch streamers on the console – or broadcast gameplay yourself via the video platform. The function of transmitting individual gameplay moments on your YouTube channel is also integrated into the PlayStation 5. (buy now )

Apps have a special place in the user interface on PS5. The media entertainment is located right next to the game start screen, which should enable quick navigation between game and media content. As a result, there is no longer any need to download entertainment apps from the PlayStation Store. “By creating dedicated game and media areas in the PS5 user interface, you can quickly and easily switch between game and entertainment content at any time. The PS5 console also has a new Control Center that makes it easier than ever to control your music . You can quickly switch between different channels, skip songs and pause, "writes Sony.

A media remote function has also been announced for the launch of the PS5. This allows you to turn on the console and use the play / pause, fast forward and fast rewind controls to navigate through the media. "You can also use the remote control to adjust the volume and power settings on compatible TVs," adds Sony. There are also special start buttons for Disney +, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. The PS5 will be released in Germany on November 19th.

PS5: These aps are available on launch day

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