These are all quests for the current event

from André Linken
We'll tell you which quests you have to complete in the current event in Pokémon GO. These are the tasks that await you as part of the special research "Champ of the nostalgia challenge". In this way, you may be able to prepare something.

The starting shot for a new major event in the mobile game Pokémon GO was given yesterday afternoon. Among other things, some creatures from the Einall region appear increasingly in the wild, so that you have the opportunity to expand or supplement your personal collection. The biggest highlight, however, is probably the new special research "Champ of the nostalgia challenge", which gives you numerous tasks in several stages. If you complete all of them successfully, you can look forward to a rare Genesect as a reward.

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But what challenges do you have to master on the way there? We will give you the answer in the form of an overview that shows you all levels. So you can maybe prepare something. Some of the challenges (for example, "15 wins in a raid") are a bit lengthy and take a lot of time. It should therefore not be possible to complete all tasks in one day – at least not without the use of a lot of gold coins and / or real money.

Champ research – step 1/5

  • Make 15 great litters
  • Catch 15 Pokémon
  • Send 15 Pokémon

Champ Research – Step 2/5

  • Develop 5 Pokémon
  • Brood 15 eggs
  • Win 15 raids

Champ research – step 3/5

  • Land a fabulous throw
  • Fight another trainer 15 times
  • Use 15 power ups on Pokémon

Champ Research – Step 4/5

  • Give your mate 15 snacks
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon
  • Take 15 snapshots

Champ research – step 5/5

  • Request three rewards

Source: Pokémon GO

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The quests for the current nostalgia event in Pokémon GO are known. (2) (Source: Niantic)

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