The shadow lands are desolate, desolate and empty – this is how mortals at least imagined the hereafter. But the idea of ​​a dark realm of the dead is wrong, we have known that since the announcement of the new WoW expansion with the mysterious name Shadowlands. Instead of a domain shrouded in shadow, in which the souls of the dead wander aimlessly, we got a first impression of a world full of life.

No matter where you go or look, there is no piece of earth in the shadow lands where nothing is going on. The four major areas are Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenwald and Revendreth. The little empires are governed by powerful pacts. These covenants largely consist of the inhabitants of the respective areas, who prepare the souls in the fortresses, in the thicket of the forest or in the dungeon of a castle for their rebirth.

Kyrians, Nachtfae, Nekrolords and the vampires of the Venthyr have adapted perfectly to the surroundings of their areas and carry out their tasks with great pride and a great sense of duty. But without the help of our heroes, these peoples in WoW Shadowlands cannot get by. Finally, the anima flows that flow around all empires and supply them with energy have dried up. So every faction of Shadowlands depends on our support in one way or another and we get a unique chance to get to know them all. Given the great diversity of new races, there is of course the possibility that some residents of the Shadow Lands will join the Horde or Alliance as allies in the future.

The Allied Peoples are very popular with gamers and they have enriched World of Warcraft both legally and technically since Legion. With the launch of the Alpha from WoW Shadowlands, our heroes meet new allies who, like nightborne, void elves and the like, could one day join the two factions. There are currently four hot candidates for new allied races in Shadowlands. Let's go through them one by one:


The angelic giants are a visual novelty in World of Warcraft. They are tall, blue-skinned and have a pair of wings that they can theoretically use later instead of a flight mount. Like Kul Tiranans, Kyrians have a wide range of character adjustments from the start, such as different faces and previously unique hairstyles. There is also a dark version of the Kyrians – the despised. These have a somber appearance that would go well with a shady game hero.

WoW: Kyrians, Venthyr and Co - possible allies in Shadowlands? (1)

Source: Wowhead

WoW: Kyrians, Venthyr and Co - possible allies in Shadowlands? (2)

Source: Wowhead

WoW: Kyrians, Venthyr and Co - possible allies in Shadowlands? (3)

Source: Wowhead

Historically, the Kyrians fit very well with the alliance, after all we meet the legendary paladin Uther Lichtbringer in the bastion, who himself rose to become a Kyrian after his death. Through him, the alliance could connect to the winged beings and win them as allies.

Ethnicity: Free flight (could work something like Slide the demon hunter)


WoW: Kyrians, Venthyr and Co - possible allies in Shadowlands? (9)

WoW: Kyrians, Venthyr and Co – possible allies in Shadowlands? (9)

Source: Buffed

At first glance, Maldraxxus appears to be uninviting and is largely reminiscent of Naxxramas and Co. The necrolords are the masters of this empire, in which the law of the fittest applies. In numerous necropolises and laboratories, scholars as well as crazy researchers refine the art of necromancy and it is rumored that they are at least partly responsible for the creation of the Scourge. The Nekrolords don't look particularly spectacular compared to the Kyrians, but they can join the horde as "new" undead. Draka, Thrall's mother, also leads the necrolords in Shadowlands. An alliance with the Horde is therefore a good option.

Ethnicity: Undead construct as a permanent companion (optionally as a close-range or ranged combat)


The delicate and elegant faun are a special visual highlight from WoW (buy now for € 30.99) Shadowlands. Their appearance is reminiscent of the female draenei. The interesting thing is that both male and female faun are very petite, we haven't met beefy faun like the male draenei in the Shadowlands Alpha so far. Another exciting point is their extraordinary running animation, which also differs from the Draenei.

WoW: Kyrians, Venthyr and Co - possible allies in Shadowlands? (4) "src ="

Source: Wowhead

WoW: Kyrians, Venthyr and Co - possible allies in Shadowlands? (5) "src ="

Source: Wowhead

In the Ardenwald, Cenarius and Tyrande are the focus of the story. This means that the winter queen and the faun of the Nachtfae have a story connection to the alliance right from the start.

Ethnicity: Eternal sleep (as an additional CC ability)


The vampires of Revendreth are cruel, decadent and arrogant. They love intrigue as much as drinking fresh blood. Their appearance is strongly reminiscent of the vampire princes from the Warhammer universe or correspond to the classic Nosferatu image from the old films. Similar to the nightborn and blood elves, the Venthyr pay close attention to fashion trends and wrap themselves in fine robes and expensive furs.

WoW: Kyrians, Venthyr and Co - possible allies in Shadowlands? (6) "src ="

Source: Wowhead

WoW: Kyrians, Venthyr and Co - possible allies in Shadowlands? (7) "src ="

Source: Wowhead

Prince Kael'thas, the TBC villain and former heir to Quel'thalas, allies with the Venthyr in Shadowlands. However, this does not automatically make the vampires potential Horde allies. Part of the story of Revendreth, however, revolves around San'layn, the elven vampires from Azeroth. The San'layn already wanted to join the Horde in Battle for Azeroth (Alliance war campaign), but were prevented from doing so by the Alliance. It is possible that they venture through the Venthyr in Shadowlands and swear allegiance to the red faction with them.

Ethnicity: Bloodsucking (ability similar to the Blood Death Knight talent Blood drinker works)

Would you like to have one of these peoples at your side as an ally? If yes, which? And why? Can you think of a few exciting folk skills for each faction? Let us know your opinions and ideas in the comments section

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