Not only the year 2019 is coming to an end with ever larger steps, but also a whole decade. It is therefore time for us to take a closer look at the best games in the most important genres. We have already looked at the role-playing games and the first-person shooters in more detail, in this special we take strategy games to our hearts. With the abundance of many great games, a complete view is almost impossible, so if you are missing a title in the list, write us in the comments with your reason!

A list of the best strategy games without an episode of Firaxis Games' famous Civilization series is actually inconceivable. The only question was which game should make it into our top 5. We ultimately opted for Civilization 6, which came on the market in October 2016 and has already had two major expansions. The latest episode currently offers all the important gameplay elements that have helped the series rise to the Olympus in the past: You lead a civilization from its origins to a modern future, fight for supremacy and deliver yourself with others Nations a race for the first flight into space. There are also some new ideas, such as the district system, which is almost like a kind of terrain puzzle. Despite the comic look, which takes some getting used to, Civilization 6 also looks really good, so that there is something for your eyes too – thanks to the great music, the ears are also not neglected.

Link to the test: Civilization 6

Civilization 6: Battle Royale mode "Red Death" in the trailer

Above all the build-up fans among you should surely demand the appearance of an Anno episode in a Top 5 of this kind. We were also spoiled for choice with regard to this series, because at least three games were released within this decade. Overall, Anno 1800 left us with the "roundest" and therefore the best impression. The Ubisoft Mainz game only made its successful debut in April this year and is by far the youngest representative on the list. But Anno 1800 definitely deserved to jump into the top 5. The game is a little bit more focused on the roots of the series: Complex product chains, a constantly increasing learning curve, the enormously high bustle factor and the sensible use of new ideas make the heart of every Anno fan beat faster. In addition, the latest episode looks damn good and has a very high replay value – numerous hours are programmed according to the motto "only this task".

Link to the test: Anno 1800

A strategy game that some of you might not have counted on this list is Into the Breach by the indie developer Studio Subset Games. The latter had made a name for itself a few years earlier with the Roguelike role-playing game FTL: Faster Than Light. Instead of leading you to monumentally large battlefields, the gameplay of Into the Breach takes place on fairly clearly arranged maps, which are created from 8×8 fields by random generator. With the help of mechs, it is your job to defeat the alien-like Vek and thus drive them away from Earth. What sounds relatively simple at first offers a great deal of tactical depth: you always have to think about which attacks you are carrying out from which direction, for example to protect particularly important buildings that provide you with vital energy. The tactical battles in small format are as intense as they are motivating, which above all increases the replay value. In addition, the proven principle of "easy to learn, but difficult to master" comes into full effect.

Link to the test: Into the Breach

Into The Breach: Test video on the tactical highlight of the FTL makers

Space fans among you will also get their money's worth in our top 5 best strategy games of this decade. This is ensured by Stellaris from Paradox Interactive, which saw the light of the gaming world in 2016. It is a typical 4X space strategy game (explore, expand, exploit and exterminate), in which you should help your intergalactic people to fame. Games like this are plentiful now, but there are some aspects that make Stellaris stand out. It starts with the extensive editor for the space peoples and does not stop at the level of difficulty that can be set in detail. Above all, the interesting random events, the varied civilizations and the huge galaxies ensure a continuous flow of games, in which there is always something to do. Stellaris is also more accessible than many of Paradox Interactive's other (rather bulky) games. Admittedly, the Stellaris looked a bit "out of round" at the release, but quickly updated updates improved the quirks.

Link to the test: Stellaris

Stellaris in the test video: jerking in space

If you like turn-based tactical battles, you definitely cannot avoid XCOM 2. The Firaxis Games game was released in February 2016 and was an immediate success. Round tactics have always had a group of hardcore fans, but with the help of XCOM 2 at the latest, this genre opened up a much larger audience. This was mainly due to the appealing presentation, which can boast extremely elaborate effects for games of this type and an impressive destruction system. The proven gameplay core of the predecessor is hidden under this chic surface. This ranges from turn-based battles, where you have to make important decisions all the time, to expanding the base that is as interesting as it is important. The different behavior of the individual alien creatures is particularly attractive, which always presents you with tricky challenges. Thanks to an adjustable level of difficulty, even beginners will get their money's worth, so that XCOM 2 is not only reserved for hardcore gamers.

Link to the test: XCOM 2

XCOM 2: video test – already the PC game of the year?

You will surely miss one or the other game on our list. Maybe you think that your personal favorite is definitely missing. You may be convinced that some of our candidates have not lost anything on the list. Let us know in the comments what your personal top 5 looks like and why you chose it.

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