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The release of WoW: Shadowlands is moving into the distance for a few weeks. However, that doesn't mean there won't be anything to do until the next World of Warcraft expansion launches. After all, you can still get fat loot in heroic and mythical raids of Battle for Azeroth. So if you want to increase your mount collection, you have plenty of time until the official start of WoW: Shadowlands!

WoW patch 9.0.1 was released a week ago and although we still have to wait a little longer for the WoW: Shadowlands pre-event, there is enough exciting news to help players pass the waiting time. There are the new level system, the numerous class changes and many other adjustments that should sweeten the last phase of Battle for Azeroth. This also includes some well-known, unique and rare mounts that, according to Blizzard, you can still loot in the BfA raids until the official start of WoW: Shadowlands.

WoW: These BfA mounts are also available in the pre-patch! (3)

WoW: These BfA mounts are also available in the pre-patch! (3)


That this Jaina's Mount, which drops in the mythical difficulty mode of The Battle of Dazar'alor, also remains 100 percent available in the pre-patch, we already knew. But what happens to the other mounts from BfA? So far, the drop chance of mounts that you get from raid bosses has decreased to one percent. The mounts that you get from the final boss of the expansion for the "Ahead of the Time" successes should theoretically disappear from the game with the pre-patch. But that's not the case! Corrupted Voidwing (N'Zoth heroic) and All Seers of Ny'alotha (Mythical N'Zoth) drop 100 percent like the Jaina Mount. However, you can no longer earn the associated successes.

WoW: These BfA mounts are also available in the pre-patch! (1) "src ="

Source: Buffed

WoW: These BfA mounts are also available in the pre-patch! (2) "src ="

Source: wowhead

The twilight dragon disappears from the loot table with the start of the next WoW expansion, while the drop chance of the ice elemental and all-seer is reduced to one percent in the mythical raid mode. So you only have a few weeks left to let off steam in the Battle for Azeroth raids and secure the mounts!

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