If the high skill of these four Breath of the Wild players also packs into a stylish video, a more than impressive spectacle arises and shows how a game can be brought to perfection.

"The Four" are the Breath of the Wild players RinHara5aki, Kleric, CHC Yu-Da and Peco and also the name of a gameplay montage in which they show their impressive fighting skills. Your videos in which they are their some wacky techniques demonstrate, will million clicks on YouTube.

Of course, many scenes are an absolute overkill, but it just looks damn cool:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIzqy4KVY6c (/ embed)

In the video game description it says that a good four months of work went into the assembly and it should be a kind of last love letter to Breath of the Wild. It is the final project, but the break should only last until the release of the sequels.

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The fact that they hold opponents in the air for the entire fight and freeze them again and again rarely happens to "normal" players. The high jump followed by a hail of explosive arrows should also take a lot of practice. We can't wait to see what these four will do in Breath of the Wild 2.