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The Metroidvania Ori and the Will of the Wisps is here and offers a wonderful challenge. However, there are also some problems that the developers now want to address.

With Ori and the Will of the Wisps you can face many challenges in a fairytale adventure. In our test, you will find out what we think of the new Metroidvania.

Fixes are coming

However, the game still has a few problems. These should be tackled in the future. This includes improvements in performance, bug fixes, sound problems and more. Here is the list of things the developers are currently working on:

Xbox One Upcoming Fixes

  • Improving performance on both Xbox One X and Xbox One S across the entire game as well as during busy combat scenarios
  • Removing the stutters on Xbox One S and Xbox One X after longer periods of play time
  • Addressing various gameplay, localization and technical bugs
  • Additional improvements are also planned for the Xbox One version in a future update, including plans to improve the HDR support for Xbox One

PC Upcoming Fixes

  • Sound glitches / buzzing
  • Weapon Wheel (both RT / LT bringing up abilities)
  • Chinese font rendering issue
  • End-game achievements unlock error
  • Leaderboard missing information
  • Key remapping error
  • More options for performance tweaking on the PC:
    • Resolution scaling%
    • Allowing to super-sample or under-sample the game
    • Exclusive full screen mode and other small tweakable graphic options
    • Plans to improve the HDR experience with HDR support for PC is coming soon

More Known Issues We are Investigating

  • Crash during title screen: Investigating
  • Save game files missing: Investigating
  • No in-game sound: Investigating

If you get stuck somewhere in the game due to a bug, the developers recommend that you use the Backups Saves. It works like this:

  1. Returns to the title menu
  2. Select "Start Game"
  3. Select the game slot
  4. Click on "Backup Saves" here
  5. Now you can select the savegame from which you want to start

At the moment there is no date when the next patch for Ori and the Will of the Wisps (buy now for € 49.99) appears. Do you need help with the midnight caves in the game? We have tips for you.

Source: Game website

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