The PvP fans among you will soon be able to plunge into the second half of Season 6 of the Battle League in the mobile game Pokémon GO. In order to prepare you accordingly, the development studio Niantic has announced the most important details. The Super League will start on January 11, 2021 at 10:00 p.m. German time. This is followed by the Hyper League (January 25) and the Master League (February 8). At the end of the season, you can expect some rewards, depending on your rank. These include the Pokémon Quabbel (from rank 20) ​​and a Top-Laden TM (rank 19).

Incidentally, Niantic is making some changes to the general balancing to make the fights in the league as fair as possible. Accordingly, there are adjustments to several attacks, and you can also teach some attacks to new Pokémon. Here is the overview:
We have revised the following attacks in coach fights:

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  • Embers: This instant fire-type attack now deals more damage.
  • Karate strike: This Instant Combat-Type attack now generates more Energy.
  • Bubble: This water-type instant attack now does less damage.
  • Razor blade: This Instant Plant-Type attack now deals less damage.
  • Crawler Hammer: This water-type charge attack now does more damage.
  • Sky Sweep: This flight-type charge attack now does less damage.
  • Hail of stones: This rock-type charge attack now does less damage.
  • Shadow bones: This ghost-type charge attack now does less damage.

The following attacks can now be taught to new Pokémon:

  • Fire-type meteorologist: Vulpix and Vulnona (Kanto) can now learn this powerful fire attack.
  • Ice-type meteorologist: Vulpix and Vulnona (Alola) can now learn this powerful ice attack.
  • Water-type meteorologist: Quaxo can now learn this powerful water attack.
  • Ice chop: Rasaff can now learn this powerful ice attack.
  • Ice jet: Lepumentas can now learn this powerful ice attack.
  • Haunted Ball: Lepumentas can now learn this powerful mind attack.
  • Triplets: Porygon2 can now learn this powerful normal attack.
  • Clay shot: Stalobor can now learn this powerful Ground-Type attack.

Source: Niantic

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