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On November 19th, "Whispers in the Dark," the first episode of Guild Wars 2's Icebrood saga, is released. An atmospheric trailer and a host of official screenshots make the wait a bit more enjoyable.

So far, the much-anticipated ice-cream saga in Guild Wars 2 has been (buy now for 39,95 €) not really started yet. The entertaining Prologue "Bound by Blood" was not yet a proper episode. But that changes on 19 November, then appears namely "Whispers in the dark". The first trailer and a bunch of new screenshots definitely make you want more.

Guild Wars 2: Creepy Trailer for the episode "whispers in the dark"

New trailer builds horror mood in GW2

Already in the first seconds it becomes clear that this is no longer a light-hearted snack, but a bitter cold region, which demands the first victims before our arrival. In the second half – after introducing the features – it gets really scary, with the previously announced Monster Boneshawk, which will make life difficult for us.

Bjora Marshes in GW2

The Bjora swamps in GW2 look absolutely life-hostile – only the strongest survive here.

Source: Arenanet

The new features of the GW2 episode from the trailer

  • New area: The Bjora Marshes
  • New mastery: Raven Tuning (opens new passages and protects you with its light)
  • New mastery: Essence Manipulation (unlocks different powers to deal with these enemy weak points)
  • Three assault missions – in weekly rotation
  • Upgradeable Boreal Weapon Set

In addition, the developers have a press release yet new exotic scepter announced that it will be raven-style (maybe like the legendary weapon Nimmemehr?) and a "sweet bonfire treat for toasting over the fire," suggesting a new buff food.

In any case, the numerous types of enemies that we encounter in the Bjora swamps also look impressive: Wild Norn, who roam in their werewolf-like transformations, sons of Svanir who are infested with ice, but also otherwise friendly Kodan glow with a disastrous Fire.

Son of Svanir in GW2

A son of Svanir in GW2, corrupted by Jormag's ice.

Source: Arenanet

In our picture gallery you can see all screenshots with description.

The norns in the Bjora swamps are driven mad by Jormag's voice and seem to succumb to their lower instincts. (Source: Arenanet)

Unfortunately, these features are missing

Although the trailer promises great new content that many have been expecting, some players are also disappointed: It's been more than ten months since the game got a new fractal, so the hope was great that the Eisbrut saga would be great right now comes with a new adventure of this kind.


How did you like the trailer? Are you in the mood for the new episode? Write us in the comments! Would you have preferred a new fractal instead?

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