Friday, January 14, 2022

These games were totally exaggerated

For fanatics of long seasons, no map can be big, no mission long and no story can be sprawling enough. There are now many games that are almost infinitely long. We took a closer look and show you which giants eat most of the time.

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These games offer you a gigantic playing time

Who does not know it? The question: How long is the playing time? When we inform ourselves about a game, the playing time is not an insignificant factor – after all, we want to get something for our money.

There are of course very famous representatives in the category of Playtime giants. Whether the record-breaking The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or endless games like GTA: Online.

However, many players could do these extreme seasons too overwhelm, we already have so little time to pay attention to all games.

But mostly it is captivating stories or eternal quest series that cast a spell over us and so the hour or two passes quickly on the clock. We have you 13 of these extremely long games searched and compiled in the following picture series:

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13 video games with extremely long playing time

Of course, most of the titles should be familiar to you, or are already in your video game library. However, some games know how to surprise and leave do not expect at first glancethat there is more in them. It remains to be seen whether a long playing time always guarantees a lot of fun.

Which of the games listed may have surprised you? And in which video games have you invested a lot of your life? Feel free to write us your opinions and experiences in the comments.