These games will be added in December

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Google has announced which games you can welcome to the streaming service Stadia in December 2019 – at least in the Pro version. These are both the Farming Simulator 18 and the action adventure Tomb Raider in the Definitive Edition.

The launch of the new streaming service Stadia is just a few days back, as there is already an announcement for new replenishment of games. As announced by Google, users of Stadia Pro will be able to enjoy two more titles starting December 1, 2019, which they can play at no extra cost.

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So you can prove your skills as a farmer in Farming Simulator 19: From plowing the fields to harvesting and controlling large machines everything is on the program, which makes the everyday life of a farmer. If you prefer a bit more adventurous, you can alternatively jump into the action adventure Tomb Raider in the Definitive Edition with Lara Croft. It contains not only the main game, but also all previously released DLCs. The starting signal for the game replenishment falls on 1 December 2019 at 18:00 clock German time.

Source: Google

Google Stadia: The crazy launch trailer in the video

In December, there are two new games on Google Stadia Pro. (2) (Source: Google Playstore Stadia)

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Google has now officially commented on the recent criticism of many users on the recently launched streaming service Stadia. Google Stadia: Users have problems with overheated Chromecast Ultras (1)

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Google Stadia's Reddit Forum has featured several users who are having trouble overheating Chromecasts.

Google Stadia: The crazy launch trailer in the video

Google has also published a trailer that fits in perfectly with the launch of Google Stadia, which can certainly be described as crazy. The video shows many advantages of Stadia, which are directed, among other things against current consoles and gaming PCs. However, in the comments to the corresponding Youtube video some of these advantages on the paper are picked.