The passion for gaming can be huge. For some players it is so big that they want to express it in the form of a tattoo. Unfortunately, gamers are also not protected from tattoo failures and we have gathered their worst representatives.

These gaming tattoos hurt to look at

Who doesn't know them epic tattoo failures, where viewers usually think: what went wrong?

It is often the classic Japanese or Chinese characters that have fallen victim to a translation breakdown. Or, looking back, frowned upon trends and their results, like that Ass antlers. Spoiler: We also have one in our ranking. But Kratos from God of War or video game darling Nintendo are also part of the party.

We have you in one Photo gallery put together the worst tattoo sins, especially from the gaming sector, and hope that the pictures will be a lesson for one or the other to think very carefully about which gaming creation you want to perpetuate on your skin:

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Ouch, that went wrong: The 23 worst gaming tattoos

Were you able to do the pictures to yourself until the end? With some specimens, just looking at them is painful. Indeed As is well known, taste is in the eye of the beholder and some of the candidates shown may be very happy with their tattoos. Except when choosing tasteless or even hostile motifs, the fun stops and no eye is turned away.

Do you also have gaming tattoos? And which fail do you find the worst? Let us know your thoughts or your tattoo pictures in the comments.