Also this week you can expect numerous bonuses in GTA 5 Online that you can dust off. This time the focus is mainly on stunts and similar breakneck actions, so that the adrenaline junkies should also get their money’s worth. For example, during “Stunt Week” you will receive three times the amount of GTA dollars and RP in the landing zone after the parachute jump from a helicopter for one week. It doesn’t matter too much what you do after landing, as long as you defend the zone from the opponents – then you can cash in properly.

Speaking of parachute: In the current event week, there is also double the amount of GTA dollars and RP for all missions that are related to a parachute. It doesn’t matter whether you choose such a mission from the job list or go to a corresponding marker on the map. You can also unlock a free Bigness Jackal sweater until April 14, 2021. In addition, all parachutes, parachute backpacks and parachute smoke options will be free for the next few days, which should make things a little easier for you.

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But also off the lofty heights you can GTA 5 (buy now 149,98 € ) Cash in online right now: If you master five popular monster stunts, you will receive a bonus of 500,000 GTA dollars. This reward should be in your Maze Bank in-game account by April 14th at the latest. In addition, there are bonuses in the form of double the amount of GTA dollars and RP for biker sales, club assignments and club challenges. So there are enough opportunities these days to top up your in-game credit.

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