As part of yesterday's indie world presentation from Nintendo, the company introduced numerous titles that are expected to appear for the Switch later this year. The game library is likely to grow considerably.

As part of a Streams Nintendo has released more than 20 titles that are either already available in the eShop or are expected to be released later this year. We have summarized all games for you and in the end there are other switch highlights waiting for the handheld console this year as well.

New switch games: something for everyone

Blue fire

Blue Fire is an action adventure game from Robi Studios. In the destroyed kingdom of Penumbra, you as a little ninja-like warrior have to overcome challenges and opponents with the help of double jumps, wall runs and much more. The title is expected to appear in the summer as a time-exclusive switch game.


Baldo is an action RPG from Naps Team. The game features graphics inspired by Studio Ghibli and takes place in an open, interactive world where you will encounter many unusual characters and have to explore dungeons. The title is expected to appear in the summer as a time-exclusive switch game.

I Am Dead

I Am Dead is a puzzle game developed by Hohokum and Wilmot’s Warehouse. As a recently deceased Shelmerston Island resident, you'll need to use X-ray vision and other skills to unlock the island's secrets and ultimately save it from a volcanic eruption. The title is scheduled to appear as a time-exclusive switch game later this year.


B.ARK is a 2D side scrolling shooter from Tic Toc Games. You and three other players each take control of an animal and control your own spaceship. You have to work together to survive against opponents. B.ark is expected to appear at the end of 2020 as a time-exclusive switch game.

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse is a game with the same kind of dark humor that the comic is already known for. You slip into the role of the unpopular Coop McCarthy, who is trying to find a date for the prom in the middle of the apocalypse. The title is expected to appear in the summer.

Summer of Mara

Summer of Mara is an agricultural adventure game in which a young girl named Koa plays the main role. In order to be able to individually design the home island and to be able to manufacture objects such as buildings, fences and other things, it is important to explore the surrounding oceans. During the adventure you will meet a variety of characters and discover their secrets. The title is expected to appear in the spring as a time-exclusive switch game.

Quantum League

Quantum League is a unique time paradox shooter. In each round of a 1: 2 or 2: 2 match, you will be accompanied by clones that imitate your previous movements and thus open up some strategic options. The title is expected to appear in late 2020.

The Good Life

The Good Life is described by the creator of Deadly Premonition as a debt repayment RPG. It puts you in the role of a journalist investigating the bizarre city of Rainy Woods because the residents turn into dogs and cats on full moon nights. The title is expected to appear later this year.

The Last Campfire

The No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games releases The Switch Campfire. The Last Campfire is a puzzle adventure game described as a game about “Compassion, Empathy and Finding Hope”. It follows the story of Ember, who has gotten lost and has to explore ancient ruins to find a way home. The title is expected to appear in summer 2020.

PixelJunk Eden 2

PixelJunk Eden from Q-Games gets a sequel. The game takes you around a world and, at the same time, generates stages in real time that are based on your actions and thus offer a unique audiovisual experience. The title is expected to appear in summer 2020.


Faeria is a strategic card game in which you not only have to build your deck, but also the game board you are fighting on. In addition to the solo campaign, the game also features online co-op missions, puzzles to solve, and a PvP mode. The switch version is expected to appear in March 2020 and is expected to bring four free cosmetic packs.

Eldest Souls

Eldest Souls is described as a brutal and mischievous fighting game, but it's a beautiful pixel art action RPG in which you'll have to defeat ancient gods. The title is expected to appear in the summer of 2020 as a time-exclusive switch game.

Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon is the sequel to Enter the Gungeon and was released on March 17, 2020 as a time-exclusive switch game. The title continues where its predecessor left off and is said to be even more intense than its predecessor thanks to hundreds of weapons, objects and spaces through which you can shoot yourself.

If there is nothing for you yet, you may find something in older games.

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Further highlights will appear later this year

In addition to the games already listed, Nintendo also showed other titles that should appear for the Switch this year. These include top-class titles such as Blair Witch and Sky.

  • Sky Racket – already available
  • Moving Out – available from April 28th
  • Ghost of a Tale – spring 2020
  • Wingspan – spring 2020
  • Blair Witch – Summer 2020
  • Sky – summer 2020
  • Superliminal – summer 2020
  • Bounty Battle – Summer 2020
  • Dicey Dungeons – 2020

What do you say about the games? Is there something you might be interested in? Let us know in the comments.