These projects are in progress

from Andreas Bertits
Disney is working on some Star Wars film and series projects. We'll list which ones exactly these are and also give an outlook on the projects that are rumored to be in progress.

Starwars lives and more actively than ever before. Although we are currently not seeing much of most of the projects that are in the works at Disney, some have already been officially announced.

Star Wars fans can look forward to it

We now list the Star Wars projects that Disney has already confirmed:


  • Three unspecified films (2023-2027)
  • A film produced by Kevin Feige (probably the flick slated for 2025)
  • A film by director Taika Waititi's Film (probably planned for 2023)
  • A new trilogy by Rian Johnson (questionable if it's coming)


Here you can read about the projects that are supposedly in progress:



In the case of the projects that are rumored to be developed, it is of course unclear whether they will actually come. There may be something to some, but not to others. Even with the officially confirmed films and series, it is not 100% certain that Disney will actually implement them. Something can always come up.

At least right now, the future of Star Wars looks pretty good.

Source: Reddit

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