Since the launch of New World, players have expressed numerous requests for new features, content and changes. One of the most frequently mentioned requests has now been met by the developers at Amazon Game Studios – the desire for faster travel.

Are there mounts in New World now?

No Still not. However, the developers are fulfilling another wish of the New World players. The interesting innovation can only be found on the recently launched New World PTR server. There your character receives a speed bonus of ten percent if he moves on a street. As soon as he leaves it, the pace drops back to normal.

Ten percent doesn’t sound like a lot at first. But over the course of the game, the effect adds up and should save a lot of time, because the walking distances in New World are long. It should also be noted that the bonus is still in the test phase on the New World PTR. It can therefore happen that the developers change the value.

What other options are there for fast travel?

If you do the long journeys in New World (buy now 39,99 €) Fortunately, if you don’t always want to walk, there are some alternatives. So it is possible for you once an hour to have a fast trip brought to a previously determined inn. There is also the option of fast travel between different inns and travel points. However, that costs a certain amount of Azoth each time.

The New World players continue to wait in vain for mounts. The developers have not categorically ruled out the introduction of mounts, but this is unlikely to be the case in the foreseeable future.


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There is a speed boost when running on the New World PTR server. (2) [Quelle: Amazon Game Studios]

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