Third and final act "Echonok" available soon

from Paul Herzog
Torchlight 3 has been available in the "Early Access" phase since June 13, 2020. The developers are now announcing the third and final act "Echonok" for June 30, 2020.

The ARPG game Torchlight 3 has been officially in the "Early Access" phase since June 13, 2020 – just a few months after the announcement of a fundamental realignment. The developer studio Echtra Games around the Blizzard veterans Max and Erich Schaefer have not only removed the real money shop from the game, but also made far-reaching changes to the game design (such as the progress system).

What makes Torchlight 3 special?

In the "Early Access" version, now playable on Steam, ARPG fans can not only pursue the classic hack'n'slay tasks, but also build and customize their own fortress. There we can also create relics that give us active and passive skills.

Torchlight 3 - Early Access: Third and final act 'Echonok' available soon (2)

Torchlight 3 – Early Access: Third and final act "Echonok" available shortly (2)

Source: Perfect World

Act "Echonok" playable from June 30th

As publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Echtra Games recently announced, the third and final act "Echonok" will be playable on Steam as part of the "Early Access" phase from June 30th. In Echonok, therefore, not only the story about Netherim continues, but also numerous new environments and dungeons await loot-loving ARPG fans.

In the following trailer you get further insights into the new act.

Latest early access reports

However, a look at the user reviews on Steam shows that Torchlight 3 cannot currently convince the target group – so just rate it 42 percent of players (in absolute numbers 1450 out of 3450, as of June 27, 2020) Torchlight 3 as recommended.

The biggest point of criticism here is the mechanics of the lifebound items – on the one hand, these items have a higher stat budget and are therefore more powerful than their non-lifebound versions. However, these items disappear as soon as our character blesses the temporal. Even if there is a scroll here that saves individual objects from disappearing – this mechanism is currently causing frustration within the community.

Have you already tried Torchlight 3? What do you think about the supposed successor to the series? Write to us in the comments!

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