The PlayStation 5 is probably the most coveted console at the moment – and unfortunately it is always sold out everywhere. All over? No, the cell phone retailer o2 still has a few consoles in stock that you can secure in combination with a cell phone tariff. We reveal which tariff deal with the PS5 offers the best value for money.

PS5 with tariff: Only a few consoles available

Update on March 12th, 2021:

The PS5 in the digital edition at o2 is still available. Unfortunately, the numbers are very limited, so the stocks will empty again in a very short time. Alternatively, you still have the option to strike at Mobilcom-Debitel. There you get the PS5 in the Disc Edition in combination with a tariff in the network from Telekom or Vodafone – but with "only" 10 GB of data volume (max. 50 Mbit / s).

o2 knows what many Playstation fans are currently looking for and offers them PS5 (Digital Edition) together with the "o2 Free M tariff" at. This includes an all-network and SMS flat rate as well as 20 GB per month for around 40 euros per month.

For just 5 euros more a month, there's even a whopping one 40 GB LTE data volume with a maximum speed of 225 Mbit / s as well as 12 months of Netflix, Sky Ticket or o2 TV included. In our eyes the better deal because you get a whole entertainment package for a fair price.

o2 also guarantees a Delivery time of three weeksSo it won't be long before the PS5 is in your living room. At all other dealers, the NextGen console is still completely sold out, you can check the current availability here.

The details of the “o2 Free M Boost” tariff at a glance

  • Network: o2
  • 40 GB LTE-Data volume (max. 225 MBit / s)
  • Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • EU roaming included
  • 12 months Netflix, Sky Ticket or o2 TV
  • Connect option: data volume can be used on multiple devices.
  • 24 months minimum term, 3 months notice period

How does the PS5 compare to the Xbox Series X, you can find out in the video:

The following costs await you

  • One-time payment for the PS5: 1 euro
  • Monthly basic fee for the o2 tariff with 40 GB: 24 × 44.99 euros
  • One-time connection fee: 39.99 euros
  • Shipping costs: free
  • Total costs over 24 months contract period: 1,120.75 euros

PS5 with O2 Free-M contract: For whom is the offer worthwhile?

45 euros a month for a mobile phone tariff doesn't sound like a bargain at first, but you really get a lot on offer here:

  • The PS5 costs 399.99 euros – at least in theory, because it is currently sold out everywhere.
  • The 12-month streaming subscription is worth up to 119.88 euros. If you already have a Netflix subscription, you can combine the tariff advantage with the current subscription.

If you subtract these values ​​from the total costs over a 24-month contract period, exactly 600.88 euros remain for the tariff. Corresponding 25 euros a month – a low price for an Allnet and SMS flat rate with 40 GB data volume. Especially when you consider that you can use the data volume on multiple SIM cards.

However, do not forget to cancel in good time. If you don't, the contract will automatically be extended for another year. The basic fee remains the same, although you have already "paid off" the PS5.