With all the solo stories of the past few weeks, you could almost forget that the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead ended in a cliffhanger. Eugene, Yumiko, Ezekiel and their new friend Princess were looking for Eugene's contact Stephanie. But instead of help, soldiers dressed in white protective suits await them and take them prisoner. The four are locked away individually, which is particularly difficult for Princess. So much so that she starts scratching the wood in her cell and breaks a splinter. Out of concern for Yumiko, who was hit with a rifle butt, and to keep her awake, Princess tells her a story from her childhood.

It also revolves around a splinter that she picked up as a child. Her father didn't want to remove it and when it got too infected he sent her to the garage to eat alone and beat her. Her mother did nothing to help her. Yumiko therefore implores Princess once again not to do anything unreasonable, but then loses consciousness. In a panic, Princess tries to escape. She meets Eugene, who repeats what Yumiko said. The soldiers could help them fight the Whisperers, so his plan is to just play along for now.

The Walking Dead: Ezekiel's rescue mission

Princess decides to obey Eugene's request. But things turn out differently than planned, because suddenly Ezekiel shows up and helps Princess to escape. When they meet a soldier who wants to bring them food, he knocks him down – or maybe not? Because suddenly the former king has disappeared and Princess suspects that she – and the others – could only have imagined. At least if you go for the blood on their hands. And the soldier isn't quite what Princess suspects either. It turns out that he's actually just following the usual

The Walking Dead: Ezekiel

The Walking Dead: Ezekiel

Source: AMC

Protocol operates because he wants to protect the group he lives in.

Princess wants to leave, but outside she meets another hallucination from Ezekiel. She wants to convince her of how easy it would be to leave Eugene and the others behind. But Princess realizes that she likes her new friends – because Eugene, Yumiko and Ezekiel have become in the past few days. So she goes back to the young soldier and gives the rifle back. She is even ready to answer the rest of his questions. At that moment a door is thrown open and the other soldiers stand there, along with Eugene, Yumiko and Ezekiel, carrying sacks over their heads. It looks like the soldiers were on the verge of executing them. Then Princess also gets a sack pulled over her head.

When do we see the Commonwealth? "Splinter" gives the definitive answer to this question: soon. Because, similar to the previous episodes, the series makers were more concerned with presenting the psyche of a certain character than with promoting the plot. The next two episodes will show whether that changes for the season finale.

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond – First trailer of the new zombie series

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