Before you now dedicate yourself to this little fanboy text about the new Destiny 2 mission omens, I should warn you: Spoiler! If you haven't played the mission yet and want to do it, you should read it off now. Because, of course, in the context of this little column, I'll be going into what's going on on board the Cabal ship.

Are you still there? Well, then you've probably played the omens at least once and you can perhaps understand why this mission is described by the fans of Destiny 2 as the absolutely greatest thing that has come up to them in the loot shooter lately. In short, the basic premise: The guardians around Osiris and Krähe pick up a distress signal from a cabal ship that is stranded in the reef.

After collecting the message in the Strike arms dealer you land on this apparently abandoned ship and first have to find out how you can get inside the ship at all. Once there, you will not only find strange spurs that seem to have taken over the ship, but also members of Mockery who want to attack you. But it's not the mission itself that is the reason why the community is completely enthusiastic, but the oppressive atmosphere.

While the developers of Bungie rather went into the exotic weapon in their sign trailer shown above, this fan film in all its brevity sums up the spice of the sign perfectly.

You climb through countless ventilation shafts of the ship in search of a path that is not blocked by deadly spores. You solve several key puzzles and jump passages to learn at the end of the mission the dramatic and disturbing fate of a Guardian who shouldn't have been where he was. You will be accompanied by mysterious noises and the terrifying voices of the dead whispering in your ear.

Fun fact: If you are playing the mission with a fireteam, you may hear different voices. While the one Guardian Calus moves on the emotional body, Cayde-6 may mumble a message in the other. Pure horror! And even this small detail is what motivates most Guardians to play the mission over and over again.

Anyone who has already loved the horror atmosphere of Fortress of Shadows (me!) Should definitely head to the reef!

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