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In WoW Shadowlands, adventurers plunge weekly into the Tower of the Damned, the dreadful dungeon of the jailer. But in the place of torture for the enemies of the Shadowlands villain, it is starting to feel like the tables have been turned. A funny video brings the madness to the point!

One of the great showpiece features of WoW: Shadowlands he was to become: Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, the Heart of the Maw, the center of power of the jailer. But the months since its release have not really done the tower’s popularity any good. Players complain that the special roguelike instance just isn’t worth visiting if you don’t need a third Legendary. If you pair this frustration with the crazy animaboni and the neurotic disposition to play such content anyway, you immediately feel sorry for the guardians of the tower. A funny machinima video (using the ingame models) by Captain Grim shows what madness is actually going on in Torghast:

Powerless Torghast guards against a living disaster

As scary as the jailer may be, so little of it is put into practice. Because we can get in and out of the throat whenever we want. In addition, our Animaboni actually make sinister tower keepers pale as chalk. The performances of players in Torghast are getting more and more impressive, if you look at the speedrun records. If only the rewards justified the long trips! A few improvements have already been announced for Torghast: For example, the death limit disappears with Patch 9.1 and with it the dreaded Tarragrue. In addition, you will take some soul ashes home with you even if your excursions have failed – no more “All or nothing”-Philosophy for the remuneration in Torghast.

Are you still having fun with Torghast? Are you just collecting more and more Legendarys? Or are you just avoiding this content from Shadowlands by now? Write to us in the comments!

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WoW Shadowlands: First Look at Torghast – Video

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