This is how Azeroth could look like a Titan!

The World of Warcraft titans are godlike beings that have been traveling through the Warcraft universe since the beginning of time to order countless worlds. The most powerful titan, Aman'thul, and his siblings once formed a pantheon that oversaw order. Their greatest enemies were the demons who created chaos wherever they appeared. But the powers of the void are also targeting the worlds and mortals. In order to master these dangers, the titans stamped a huge army out of the ground. Gigantic iron and stone warriors followed their creators to fight the armies of darkness.

WoW: World of Artcraft - Azeroth could look so beautiful as a Titan! (2)

WoW: World of Artcraft – Azeroth could look so beautiful as a Titan! (2)

Source: Blizzard

For a long time, the titans were a great mystery. Nobody knew exactly where the creators came from and why they left Azeroth. Her appearance was also in WoW until she returned (buy now for € 33.05): Legion a big secret. While there were some classic WoW artwork that featured Aman'Thul, Eonar, Norgannon, Golganneth, Khaz'goroth, Aggramar, and Sargeras, no one could tell if these images were actually the real or just the stylized figure of the titans showed.

Blizzard's developers later took the pictures and designed the in-game titans based on their model. To top off WoW: Legion, the Californians even introduced us to the Titan Argus. Sargera's chief villain also made his first appearance in Legion. The final Cinematic from Antorus, where Sargeras rams his cursed sword into the heart of Azeroth, WoW fans will no longer be forgotten so quickly.

But as exciting as the end of WoW: Legion was, a riddle remains unsolved – namely: What does Azeroth look like as a Titan? To this day, this question stimulates the imagination of countless talented artists. The product of these ideas is fantastic artwork, on which Azeroth can be seen as a sprightly shield maid or mystical troll woman. We have picked out a few examples for you. The highlight of the collection for us is the illustration with Sargeras, who attacks the incarnated version of Azeroth. But look at the pictures yourself.

Sargeras vs. Azeroth

Here you can find the artwork of hipnosworld. The artist shows Azeroth as a beautiful troll woman.

Azeroth as a shield maiden

Which picture of Azeroth as Titan do you like the most? And how do you imagine the sleeping Titaness yourself? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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