This is how Netflix 'The Witcher influenced the entire franchise

Isn't it always a nice feeling when such mass hype pervades the crowd? Everyone talks about this or that series, everyone has seen it and even if not everyone has the same opinion, everyone has a Opinion. The last time everyone talked about DAS, they talked about Game of Thrones. These days everyone is whispering about The Witcher.

Did you see The Witcher? Of course you have, and you might not only like the show, you're playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt again. Or do you even read the books? Fortunately, the The Witcher franchise is not naked and lost with the series, but has been around for a while: So if you’re through with the eight episodes on Netflix, you can still play the rest of the year, Spend comics, books, and even movies. If you want. And yes – many want that. So many even that records are broken.

Listen, dear witchers: we tell you a few details about Geralt and the world of The Witcher:

Everyone loves The Witcher

The franchise has never been so popular; not even for the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. While in the United States reprinted half a million The Witcher books The Witcher 3 breaks its own record: In early January, more people played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam than when the game was released. And not all of them are primarily video gamers, or have touched The Witcher 3 before. In some families, parents use the children's console to try out CD Projekt Red's epic – what better way to get started in video games?

It was surely a stroke of genius to confuse all of us with the time levels from the middle of the series – after all, we couldn't help but talk to others about it right away. The second season of The Witcher Incidentally, is already in the making: Spring 2021 appear, and if the power is strong in season two, even Luke Skywalker could appear as Vesemir. Imagine you should.