This is how the horror adventure begins, according to a leak

from Andreas Bertits
If the latest leak on the upcoming horror adventure Resident Evil 8 Village is correct, then we already know how the story starts. Prepare for a big surprise right at the start.

There is another leak to the action adventure Resident Evil Villagewhich – if the information is correct – already tells us what to expect at the beginning of the new story.

Attention! Here are potential spoilers!

According to the leak, Resident Evil Village is starting (buy now) with a prologue. Ethan lives in a house with Mia and her daughter Rose. While Mia is telling the child a fairy tale, you can explore the property. You will discover some notes that indicate that Ethan was able to get rid of the fungus and did some training with Chris Redfield. The winters now live in Europe. You take Rose and put her in bed. Then you return to Mia, where you want to talk to her about the events from RE7. Suddenly Chris Redfield and two hooded guys storm into the house and kill Mia. Did Chris get angry somehow?

Chris kidnaps Ethan and Rose but their vehicle has an accident. Ethan must now try to survive in a snowy landscape. He drags himself to a hut where an old man lives. Suddenly monsters attack the hut and you have to defend yourself …

In Resident Evil Village you will face new opponents, including werewolf-like creatures that hunt in packs. There is also said to be a kind of "gorilla man" who fights with a large ax and apparently controls the beasts. You will also meet a guy who rides a horse and carries a spear with him.

You will also meet an old woman with whom you can bargain. Among other things, it provides you with upgrades for your weapons, whereby you have to unlock the individual parts first.

It is unclear whether all of this is true. Resident Evil Village is slated for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X releases in 2021.

Source: WCCFTech

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