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The tactical game Gears Tactics will be released tomorrow, April 28th. We'll tell you what the international game press says about the title.

With Gears of War or "Gears" most people think of brute action, but with Gears tactics things are a little more leisurely. But how is this game principle accepted?

This is how the world evaluates

Here you can see an overview of the international tests to date on Gears Tactics (buy now for € 42.75):

  • PC Games – 8/10
  • 4Players – 81%
  • VG247 – "Any turn-based strategy game that can successfully mimic the changability of third-person shooters deserves to be celebrated for it, and in its finest moments, Gears Tactics does just that." 3/5
  • USGamer – 4/5
  • Gamestar – 87%
  • GamesRadar – 3.5 / 5
  • GameSpot – 8/10
  • PCGamesN – 7/10
  • IGN – 8/10
  • VGC – 4/5
  • NME – 4.5 / 5
  • Game Informer – 8.5 / 10
  • COGConnected – 55/100
  • LAD Bible – 8/10
  • PC gamers – 83/100
  • Eurogamer – Unscored
  • Rock Paper Shotgun – Unscored
  • Polygon – Unscored

Gears Tactics offers strategic round battles over a 30-hour campaign. The missions have little variety and the side jobs are not a highlight, but the mix of action and tactics, the staging, the developable classes, the AI ​​and the demanding boss fights are convincing. From April 28, you can watch the Gears Tactics, which started as a board game, on PC and Xbox One.

Source: VG247

Also popular with PC game readers Gears tactics in the test. (2)TOPPCXBO

Gears tactics in the test: successful spin-off in the tactics genre

In the test by Gears Tactics, we look at whether the developers have succeeded in merging gripping round tactics and "Gears of War" action. The two booklet variants of the PC Games 05/20

PC Games 05/20 with cover story for Half-Life: Alyx and Doom as a full version!

The new PC Games 05/2020 with cover story for Half-Life: Alyx, tests for Doom Eternal and Resident Evil 3 as well as the top full version Doom is here! At the beginning of the development of Gears Tactics there was a full board game.PCXBO

development of Gears tactics started as a board game

The development of the turn-based tactical game Gears Tactics started in a very special form.

Gears Tactics: launch trailer makes it crash

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