The Mistweaver Monk is also a very mobile and versatile healer for the pre-patch of Shadowlands. In the following you will find out what has changed and how you can treat your fellow players in raids and Mythic Plus dungeons.

The 3 most important class changes
There are only a few innovations in the healing monk that have only a minor influence.


Essenzborn is your strongest spell in raids

Essenzborn is your strongest spell in raids

Source: Buffed

The monk is not the strongest healer in the pre-patch. But since the classes are all close to one another, that doesn't matter that much. By Animation and Essenzborn the mistweaver can produce a lot of healing in a very short time. The only drawback is that it hardly provides any support capabilities for the raid.

If you've already played the monk before, you hardly have to get used to it. The only important new skill is Summon Yu'lon the Jade Serpentwhich basically works like the old red crane Chi'Ji. Since many mistweavers have increased their versatility and critical strike value through the corruption effects, they hardly notice the disappearance of the corruption.

Little has changed in terms of talent. The talent Summon Chi-Ji the Red Crane works differently now. When you call the crane, it no longer automatically generates healing. Instead, you heal your fellow players when you conjure up your offensive skills. Manatee no longer triggers a global cooldown. Your best choices for raids are:

Level 15: Chistoss
Level 25: Tiger rush
Level 30: Manatee
Level 35: Ring of peace
Level 40: Magic diffusion
Level 45: Refreshing jade wind
Level 50: Exhaust

The level 45 talent Refreshing jade wind is only good when your group stands together. Otherwise you prefer to choose Statue of the jade serpent conjure up. However, the statue now heals your target much shorter. So you have to do it more often Soothing fog cast a spell to reactivate the statue.

The Manatee talent reduces your mana cost by 50 percent for ten seconds. Magic manatee before you want to cast expensive skills.

The Manatee talent reduces your mana cost by 50 percent for ten seconds. Magic manatee before you want to cast expensive skills.

Source: Buffed

Little has changed in the distribution of values. If you had good equipment before, you don't have to collect any new items.

1. Intelligence
2. Critical hit value
3. Versatility
4. Tempo
5th championship

The primary value intelligence is now significantly stronger. Therefore, equipment with a higher item level is almost always better. At the moment, sockets are also very strong. Items with the tertiary value Lifesteal are still great, but only if you don't lose item levels as a result.

You still choose the same essences: Remembering the lucid dream you take as great essence. For the three small slots you take Conflict and discord, Relentless protection and The inexhaustible flood. Before it was a solid option Conflict and discord to choose as great essence. However, this no longer grants you the offensive cooldown, but has reduced the cooldown of since patch 9.0 Life cocoonwhich is not worthwhile in any situation.

As a little essence grant you Conflict and discord but still a huge chunk of versatility. The strongest azerite trait is still Secret infusion. Before you have to heal much, you use Thunder focus tea With Enter the rising sun to get a lot of versatility. Other good Azerite bonuses are Fountain of life, Exalted spirits as Heart of darkness.

The following skills are used in the raid:

1. Essenzborn (for six or more players)
2. Renewing mist (HoT; use on cooldown)
3. Refreshing jade wind (if chosen; for six or more players)
4th Animate (small group healing)
5. Chistoss (stand behind the group)
6th Thunder focus tea (With Enter the rising sun benefit: grants versatility because of Secret infusion)
7th Enveloping fog (for high single target damage)
8th. Soothing fog (with minor damage; use regularly if Statue of the jade serpent elected)

If the group is hit with high damage, then you do magic first Essenzborn and then treats the goals with Animate. Preferentially heals the players who have the Essenzborn -HoT because they get twice as much healing from your mastery. When a single target takes a lot of damage, you act first Soothing fog.

As long as you channel these spells, you can Enveloping fog and Animate work without magic time. Then used Enveloping fog. If the target still needs healing, you can cast several Animate. The new ability Damage diversion heal yourself for a small amount. It is only worth using if you need healing but you need to move.

The jade serpent Yu‘lon heals players with Soothing Mist. Summon the Heavenly Exalted when your party takes a lot of damage.

The jade serpent Yu‘lon heals players with Soothing Mist. Summon the Heavenly Exalted when your party takes a lot of damage.

Source: Buffed

New is added Touch of deaththat deals a lot of damage in one fell swoop.

Animation (three minute cooldown) instantly heals the entire raid and removes all harmful magic, poison and disease effects. Use the spell in an emergency when the group takes unexpectedly large amounts of damage.

Summon Yu'lon the Jade Serpent (three minute cooldown) summons the Heavenly Exalted for 25 seconds. Yu'lon automatically heals your allies Soothing fog. Magic this cooldown in healing-intensive phases. Especially when you have to move yourself a lot, the companion can keep your fellow players alive for you.

Life cocoon (two minute cooldown) absorbs a lot of damage on a target. As long as the shield is active, the player receives 50 percent more healing from your HoTs. If an ally suddenly takes a lot of damage, you work Life cocoon. Then you can with him Soothing fog and subsequently Enveloping fog heal up again in a flash!

Manatee (90 second cooldown) reduces the mana cost of your spells by 50 percent for ten seconds. Manatee does not trigger a global cooldown. That means that you with Manatee can cast your first spell at the same time. You only benefit from this effect for ten seconds (instead of twelve before). With high group damage, you act first Essenzborn, drink the Manatee and then immediately conjures up several Animate behind each other. Shortly before Manatee expires, you work again Essenzborn.

Touch of death (three minute cooldown) immediately defeats an opponent who has less health than your maximum health. You can use it with elite opponents and bosses if they have less than 15 percent health. But the ability does significantly less damage. At the beginning of the fight you support your damage distributors by defeating adds faster. At the end of the battle you will attack the boss with it.


With the above talents you can also easily contest M + dungeons. If you want to increase the damage you do and your healing, you'd better take the following talents with you:

Level 15: Fog cover
Level 25: Tiger rush
Level 30: Life cycle
Level 35: Ring of peace
Level 40: Magic diffusion
Level 45: Summon Chi-Ji the Red Crane
Level 50: Gaining fog

These skills and talents are important in dungeons:

Gaining fog (passive): Whenever you do Enter the rising sun begins, you immediately heal all players who are assigned a HoT by you. You also extend the term of all HoTs. As long as no player is in danger, you use Renewing mist and Enter the rising sun on cooldown. Also does magic Tiger claw as Blackout kick. Through this you can Enter the rising sun use more often and cause even more damage.

Summon Chi-Ji the Red Crane (three minute cooldown): Heal for 25 seconds when you Blackout kick, Enter the rising sun or Whirling crane kick begins. After three of these skills you can also Enveloping fog cast without casting time and mana costs. thanks Gaining fog can you change the duration of the Enveloping fog extend directly. With these two talents in combination you can continue to cause damage even with high group damage and heal your fellow players at the same time!

Foot sweep Stuns all nearby enemies for three seconds.

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