This is how the most embarrassing and at the same time funniest romance of the entire series was created

After years, it is now clear how the awkward and somehow uncomfortable relationship with Thane Krios came about in Mass Effect 2. It is the story of the dialogue option that gives stupidity a definition.

Mass Effect 2

In Mass Effect 2 you put together the crew of the Normandy. One of the recruitment missions adds Drell assassin Thane Krios to the team. As a female Shepard, there is a possibility to enter into a relationship with him.

Thane is a complicated contemporary, whose Job as an assassin has cost his wife's life. He then hunted down the killers and hunted them down. If you, as a Shepard, decide to have a relationship with him, there is a dialogue option to enter into it. Unfortunately, this option appears the moment Thane opens Shepard and tells someone for the first time the sad story of his wife.

A delicate situation that requires a lot of sensitivity and the words are chosen wisely should. The dialog options that BioWare then offers are "Just think of your son!" and "I want you, Thane." Yes, this one clumsy invitation to sex is the one dialogue option that leads to romance with Thane – very sensitive, Commander.

One of the authors at the time, Patrick Weekes, recently explained on Twitter how this not exactly subtle line came about. The dialog options often only summarize the longer answers or statements from Shepard. The original option (roughly "I'm here for you") made the player did not realize that this was the moment for the romance to start, so it needed a clearer hint with the fence post. Since the development of Mass Effect 2 was in the final stages, most of the authors, including Thane, had already left the project. It is 2009, so According to Weekes, major changes to the game were no longer possible and he came up with the idea of ​​waving the whole fence straight away.

Weekes continues to tell on Twitter that he was not so happy with this solution in 2009, but it was not a better alternative with it limited to 30 characters "Last minute fix" gave. In fact, today he has to laugh every time he sees someone who is experiencing this dialogue.

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Although Thane doesn't deserve this clumsy reaction to his sad story, it's kind of funny too. Perhaps this reaction would have been completely correct even for one or the other Shepard. It is an RPG and giving Shepard a certain character is even possible. My Shepard would never have done that – as always with yours?