This is how the PvP battles and invasions work

New World: This is how PvP battles and invasions work

from André Linken
To pass the rest of the waiting time until the release a bit, Amazon Games has published another video for the online role-playing game New World. This is another episode of the developer diary where the team introduces you to some aspects of the MMO. This time it's all about the PvP battles – especially the mass event with the appropriate name "war". Using numerous gameplay scenes, some of the developers show you how PvP battles work. The main focus is on invasions and attacks on powerful forts. In order to be able to take these, you have some powerful siege weapons such as slingshots or mobile cannons at your disposal. In addition, the video gives you a foretaste of the mass battles in which numerous players can participate at the same time. Incidentally, the release of New World is scheduled for August 25, 2020 after a postponement.

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