How do you find and process iron ore in New World? The new online role-playing game has an extensive crafting system to offer that beginners may find a little overwhelming at first. Iron ore, in particular, is one of the most important raw materials at the beginning of the hero’s career, as it is required for many better weapons and other equipment in the range of levels 5 to 20. At this point we will tell you where you can find the ore and how you process it.

You can mine the iron ore on the corresponding veins, which in many places with the Classification highlands in the game world of New World (buy now 39,99 €) can track down. Open the map with M and click on “Places with raw materials”. Then you see the color classification of the map and find iron ore areas.

From level 25 you will see iron ore on the map.  Basically, you can find iron ore in areas of the 'highlands'. & Nbsp;

From level 25 you will see iron ore on the map. Basically you can find iron ore in the area of ​​the “highlands”.

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The mining skill does not play a big role here, by the way, because you can mine the ore with a value of 0. As soon as you reach level 25, you will get an indication of the nearby veins on the compass. To get the ore out, you need a pickaxe, which you have to equip beforehand. The veins come in three different sizes and you can extract up to 50 ore chunks from one deposit.

Melting iron ore

However, there is not much that can be done with the ore itself. In order to be able to process it in weapons or other equipment, you have to melt it down in iron bars. For such a bar you need four ore chunks each. You will demonstrate the actual melting process in a melting furnace that you will actually find in every settlement. Incidentally, raw materials do not necessarily have to be in your inventory for processing. It is sufficient if they are in stock in the local warehouse.

Also helpful is a interactive resource map for New World.

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We’ll tell you how you can find iron ore in New World and melt it into iron bars. (2) [Quelle: buffed]

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