Do you play the Free2Play-RPG Genshin Impact and need more Urgstein and Hero's Wit? You can currently get some of the items via a promo code.

This is how you get the promo items

To get 50 Urgestin and 3 Hero's Wit, you have to do the following:

  • First you log into the official website from Genshin Impact
  • There you open the section "Redeem voucher codes"
  • Now you have to choose your region
  • Now it is necessary to enter the name of your character
  • Now you can use the code GENSHINGIFT insert
  • The rewards will then be credited to you directly in the game.

You need veterans in the game to pray. This is how you get "loot boxes", which can not only contain interesting items such as weapons, but also new characters. These heroes are divided into different levels, with players naturally hoping for the high-quality ones, which are very rare in the game. It is also possible to buy "original resin" with the primary rock. You will need this in boss fights and when looking for materials. Hero's Wit, on the other hand, is an item that gives your characters 20,000 experience points.

You can of course also find veteran and Hero's Wit during your adventures in the game Genshin Impact. You get to the bedrock by completing the daily quests and opening treasure chests in which the item can be. Hero's Wit, on the other hand, you get when you complete events. But it is a random reward. This means that you cannot always count on definitely getting the item.

Source: MyMMO

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