If everything goes according to plan, the dodgeball game Knockout City will be released on May 21, 2021 for both PC and consoles. By the way, there will then be an alternative to the normal purchase of the game – a “free” one. As is now known, all EA Play subscribers will have direct access to the full version at launch without paying any additional money.

It is not a stripped-down trial version of Knockout City, but the full game with all content and features. There is also no time limit for access – unless your access to EA Play has ended. As a bonus, there is even the exclusive “Ready” outfit on top. You can find this automatically in the in-game inventory as soon as you have started the game. The “free” version of Knockout City is also available to all members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC, as they also include EA Play. Incidentally, the game supports platform-independent cross play, so that you can play against and with owners of the console version on the PC, for example.

Knockout City is essentially a kind of third-person shooter, in which you don’t fire bullets, but balls at your opponents. However, the action is not limited to a small field as with the dodgeball, but takes place on different maps. You don’t have to aim manually, the closest enemy is always aimed automatically. However, with good timing, you can intercept or dodge the balls.

Source: press release

Dodgeball City is available “free” for launch via EA Play. (1) [Quelle: Electronic Arts]

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