This is how you get the undead pet Carpal in Maldraxxus

of Tanja Barth
Attention pet collectors and trainers! If you want to add an undead pet to your pet collection, you've come to the right place. Because we'll tell you where you can find the last reagent in Maldraxxus to bring a very special pet called Karpal back to life.

The realm of the Necrolords in WoW: Shadowlands is anything but dark and dreary. Because everywhere in Maldraxxus there are many wonders to discover. This includes not only the grotesque flora and fauna, but also tricky puzzles that you can find and solve in numerous libraries, battle arenas and necropolises on your travels in Maldraxxus.

One of these puzzles turns around the undead pet called carpal. So far, there has been little information in the game about where exactly you can find the reagents to bring the ice-cold skeleton hand back to life as a pet and personal companion. You need the following three items before you Carpal can create with a click of the mouse:

Where to get the first two items Lively cubit and Animated spoke has been known for a long time. The place where you can Flexing phalanges finds, has so far remained hidden. Now the adventurous players have finally discovered the location of the finger joints in Maldraxxus. We have marked the exact place where you can find the last required reagent for you on the map.

WoW: Last reagent discovered! How to get the undead pet carpal in Maldraxxus (1)

WoW: Last reagent discovered! How to get the undead pet carpal in Maldraxxus (1)

Source: Buffed

WoW: Last reagent discovered! How to get the undead pet Karpal in Maldraxxus (3) "src ="

Source: Buffed

WoW: Last reagent discovered! This is how you get the undead pet Karpal in Maldraxxus (4) "src ="

Source: Buffed

Flexing phalanges lie by the giant dragon skull off the road to the theater of pain. You have to ride up the mountain a bit. The skeleton hand lies somewhat hidden in front between the mighty jaws of the skull. Just collect the hand (you'll need the first two reagents before you can). Then just click on one of the three items you have collected in your bag and Voilà! – the small Carpal belongs to you. GZ!

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