This is the latest gameplay from the X019

As part of the multi-day Microsoft event X019 Xbox announced the release of the strategy game classic Age of Empires 4 and introduced the title a little more detail thanks to a new trailer.

Today, the big Xbox Fanfest X019 in London started and Microsoft will make numerous announcements and share information as part of the multi-day event. One of the highlights is definitely the announcement of Age of Empires 4.

Since 2017, rumors about Age of Empires 4 were in circulation, then it was once quiet about the development. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg broke the hype Twitter Recently, however, right back under the butt. Allusions to new information about the game caused the fans to gasp – finally movement came into play.

Nobody would have expected some.

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The journey began 20 years ago

Age of Empires started a video game era 20 years ago and fans can now look forward to the fourth installment of the series. At the event X019 Microsoft introduced a new trailer and allows a closer look at the extensive real-time strategy game in 4K resolution.

Age of Empires 4 comes from World's Edge – a new studio founded in June that has been fully focused on developing the series ever since. According to Shannon Loftis, the title plays in the Middle Ages and offers numerous playable civilizations – including the Mongols and the English.

When exactly Age of Empires 4 will be released remains to be seen. We will keep you up to date with GIGA.

Microsoft showed new gameplay material.

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