Minecraft is and remains one of the most popular games worldwide. Over 100 million users log in to the game regularly and now another record has been broken, because with calls in the billions, Minecraft leaves the co-op survival game Fortnite far behind.

The popularity of the pixel mason game Minecraft does not stop. A dizzying 112 million players (as of September 2019) have logged into the game and new players are still coming. In comparison: Fortnite last reported 78 million active players in March 2019.

There are several reasons why the game is so popular. The simple design makes it suitable for children and friends and family can be involved. Because of the variety and the possibilities, there are no limits to the imagination.

It could have been very different.

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Minecraft rules YouTube

As part of the annual YouTube review Rewind 2019, the pixel block sandbox game has a staggering 100 billion views. This includes all videos related to Minecraft. Accordingly, Minecraft is at the top of the ranking and leaves 2nd place, Fortnite with around 60 billion views, far behind. Third place is also a perennial favorite. GTA has become indispensable even after years, as evidenced by over 36 million views.

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