In addition to the classic Cinematic, Diablo 4 has already seen a surprising amount of gameplay. The Open World bosses, briefly shown at BlizzCon, are now a bit more detailed.

In Diablo 4, Open World elements will be introduced in the future as well as some information about the three classes Barbarian, sorceress and druid Even in the first gameplay trailer, there was a quick glance at a World Boss.

If you do not remember, here is the trailer to refresh:

Unfortunately, the world boss "Ashava, the Pestilent" has not yet seen more than a few seconds. at Game Informer but you could deal a little more closely with the game and play together with the developers Diablo 4. In a video they show the entire fight against Ashava with a total of eight players in different groups. The World bosses are said to scale with the number of players they fight, and the video seems to be a good challenge as well. If the players do not pay attention to the big blades, they bless the time after a hit:

[Embed] [/ embed]

The video gives at least a first impression of what the Open World elements in Diablo 4 will look like. With the co-op and PvP features for just that open world, will the game can no longer be played offlineas was already the case with Diablo 3. Also there was the community to a part with this decision not happy.

A release for Diablo 4 does not yet exist, but the developers announced in one Letter to the community that's her in February 2020 will be revealed more on the state of the game and want to give a glimpse behind the scenes of development. This February update is set to be the first in a series of new announcements maybe there will be a release date at some point.

How do you like the World Boss? Are such events an asset to the Diablo range? Or does the "online compulsion" worry you? Write your opinion in the comments.