WoW Classic: This is what awaits you during the Scourge Invasion

Anyone who witnessed Patch 1.11 in Vanilla WoW at the time will certainly remember it vaguely to the first scourge invasion in WoW history. Thanks to WoW Classic, we will soon be able to refresh our memories or, for the first time, fight back the storm of the undead in the shadow of the necropolis.

Specifically, "soon" means that on December 1st, Patch 1.13.6 will land on Classic's live servers. Two days later, on December 3rd, the Scourge invasion begins. At the same time, the final raid Naxxramas opens its gates. In this special we want to tell you whether it is worth participating in the event and what rewards you can earn in which way.

WoW Classic: When the sky darkens …

One thing is certain: you cannot miss the attack of the undead brood. From one day to the next, flying necropolises appear in the sky all over Azeroth, similar to the alien spaceships in the Emmerich strip Independence Day. Whereby "everywhere" is not entirely correct. In fact, the flying forts only visit the following six zones:

  • Eastern Plaguelands
  • Burning steppe
  • Desolate lands
  • Tanaris
  • Winterspring
  • Azshara

WoW Classic: WoW Classic: On the world map you can see where the Scourge invasion is raging.

WoW Classic: WoW Classic: On the world map you can see where the scourge invasion is raging.

Source: Buffed

Where there is a necropolis in the sky, a purple skull marks you on the world map. Well worth riding by. Crystals always appear in the shadow of the missile, and Scourge troops appear nearby. Your job is to wipe out the scourge near the broken pieces and weaken them.

As soon as one of the shards has lost all energy, four cultist engineers appear and immediately start repairing the necrotic shard. You can do the recovery process with eight Necrotic runes interrupt, but the cultist then transforms into a powerful shadow creature. Only when the four shadows are defeated on the ground is the necrotic shard also done. And only when the players have destroyed all the shards in the respective zone, they manage to drive the necropolis out of the area.

Speaking of Necrotic runes: All servants of the Scourge have a chance to drop such a rune. If you defeat the cultists mentioned above, you will even get 30 Necrotic runes in one fell swoop. These can also Corruptor's Scourgestone (if you like a piece of jewelry Seal of Dawn wearing; Other Scourge units can then drop Scourge Stones as well) and the following items of equipment:

WoW Classic: Only when the players have destroyed all of the broken pieces will they succeed in driving the necropolis out of the area.

WoW Classic: Only when the players have destroyed all of the broken pieces will they succeed in driving the necropolis out of the area.

Source: Blizzard

If you manage to destroy a shard, you will also receive the buff Raising the soulthat increases your damage done by 10 percent for 30 minutes. You can get more loot from the rare creatures that appear randomly in the invasion areas about every 15 minutes: Heavy horror, Spirit of the damned and Bone witch. These can besides some Necrotic runes also drop parts of the new set:

WoW Classic: The capitals are also not safe from the Scourge forces.

WoW Classic: The capitals are also not safe from the Scourge forces.

Source: Buffed

By the way: The capitals of the Horde and Alliance are also attacked by the Scourge in the course of the invasion. The elite opponents are neutral, however, so that low-level characters are not in danger and you have to choose specifically to hunt down the scourge in the cities. When they die, the larger elite leave a crystal behind which you can receive a quest. The quest can also be accepted by players who did not help fight back the wave of attacks.

Furthermore, diving in Orgrimmar and Co. Argent Dawn Recruiter who want to lure you to the Eastern Plaguelands with a quest. The reason:

WoW Classic: In the service of the Argent Dawn

The fight against the Scourge will be conducted at the Argent Dawn headquarters at the Chapel of Light's Hope in the Eastern Plaguelands. There you will find numerous new quest givers after the start of the invasion, but also NPC dealers who lure you with new weapon improvements, armor parts, a tabard and an 18-place bag. Here is the offer for which you Necrotic runes paid and that you have to unlock some of the quests first:

Incidentally, with a view to Naxxramas, it is particularly worthwhile Blessed magic oil respectively Consecrated whetstone to farm. You can find more details on this in the following guide:

WoW Classic: The new quests of the Argent Dawn

First grab the quest in your capital city Light of Hope chapel, which not only takes you to the Eastern Plaguelands, but also rewards you with a little reputation at the Argent Dawn. You can also accept another assignment in each capital.

The first quest you should undertake in the Eastern Plaguelands is Menacing shadows. As soon as you Thomas Helleran at the chapel ten Necrotic runes you can exchange additional runes with the local quartermaster for the items listed above.

WoW Classic: With phase 6 there are a whole series of new quests.

WoW Classic: With phase 6 there are a whole series of new quests.

Source: Buffed

At the chapel there are of course a lot more quests waiting for you.

The earned ones Insignia of the Crusade and Insignia of the dawn you will again need for two quests that, depending on your reputation with the Argent Dawn, want a different number of insignia from you.

Outstanding combat equipment (30 insignia each (friendly) to six insignia each (awesome))

Epic combat gear (110 insignia each (friendly) to 27 insignia each (awesome))

During the fight against the Scourge troops, several items may fall into your hands, which will give you further missions:

Last but not least, the Archmage Angela Dosantos at the chapel awaits you with the access quest for Naxxramas (The Citadel of Terror – Naxxramas), which varies depending on your reputation with the Argent Dawn. Anyone who enjoys an "awesome" reputation briefly nods off the quest text and is allowed to enter the instance – for free. The others pay

with a "respectful call":

with a "benevolent reputation":

If you have a reputation as "friendly" or worse, you unfortunately have to stay outside. You can find more information about preparing for Naxxramas in the following guide:

WoW Classic: New dungeon bosses

In some dungeons of Classic you can meet new bosses from the start of the Scourge event, who are easy to recognize by their purple aura:

WoW Classic: Defeating the Scourge

After the Horde and Alliance were able to record enough victories over the Scourge across the server, a new NPC appears at the chapel who rewards you with three items:

At that time in Vanilla-WoW the scourge event ended after a certain number of fights against the undead could be won across the server. The estimate is between 150 and 200 won battles.

Sources: PTR / Wowhead / Wowwiki

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